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    Obama demonstrates that intelligence, common sense and ability sometimes is not enough to govern fairly and effectively either.

    The Reagan thing is the crap about the I will not negotiate with terrorists while selling missiles and doing exactly that. No wealth trickled down ever, an illusion. Bush two illegal wars and the creation of a 720,000 DHS and the unfunded mandates on Medicare Medicaid.


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      spoken like a blind democrat.......I guess when democrats break their campaign promises then its a different story.

      Funny how you give Obama a pass and when its a republican you dont....eso es ser fanatico:

      Obama campaigned to end both wars and close Guantanamo and guess what?....he extended it even further...............Obama campaigned to end Bush tax cuts and he extended it. Obama extended the debt even further and more jobs have been lost under his watch than W Bush or Reagan.

      By the way,Democrats spent millions investigating Reagan during office and there was NO EVIDENCE that he knew that people under him were selling weapons to Iran for exchange for hostages or that he gave the order,,,NO EVIDENCE, and democrats spent millions and years investigating the Iran Contra affair.

      But tell me how many weapons we are selling to 3rd world countries under Obama?....double standards......Obama gives millions in weapons to Egypt and Pakistan, the same country it was hiding Bin Laden in a mansion next to a Pakistan military base and you give him a pass?....LOL

      I personally didn't give a damn since the Soviets were selling weapons to Iran and anybody that would pay. .....but I guess if a democrat does it its ok.


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        Tell me one thing of intelligence and common sense Obama has done?..........the same thing you crucified Bush for 8 years Obama has doubled it in 3 years. Explain to me what makes Obama so intelligent and have more ability to govern because he can read a tele prompter very well and give good speeches?

        I rather have a president that can't hardly speak in public or says a few words but gets results than one that talks a good game and is an empty suit.

        I told you Democrats that Hillary Clinton was better for that job than Obama. She is a biatch and ice runs through her vains and thats what it takes for that job. Plus, the Clintons know a thing or two about the economy and how it works and deal with Republicans. Obama has been a big disappointment to liberals and his base that's why his ratings are really low.

        But you wanted to make history by putting the first black man in the White House with no experienced whatsoever in government or the private sector just because he can campaign well and give good speeches.

        By the way on foreign policy both parties have acted the same while in office.....dont kid yourself......there is one foreign policy for both parties to follow. That's why Obama has continued Bush's policies in the Middle East and supporting Israel.


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          Spoken like a true conservative. I'm not a registered democrat if that helps. All politicians are the same.


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            Actually I have some things conservative and some things liberal....hell I like some libertarian views of letting you live the way you want as long as you dont hurt anybody and have the government off your back.

            Im Pro CHOICE (yes, its a woman's right) , Pro Gun, for the death penalty, smaller government, low taxes, PRO gay marriage, for IMMIGRATION REFORM and welcome ALL immigrants as long that they follow our laws and regulations and we do a background.....that means they have to CHECK-IN at the front door like anybody else.

            I'm for separation of church and state and politicians should follow the constitution especially on sending troops to other countries for a period longer than 90 days (both parties when in the WH are at fault here)

            Im for a balance for letting each individual if we want to privatize part of our social security if we want to...its our money.

            Im for school vouchers in the public system and giving more choices to the tax payers.

            Im for health care reform but let the states handle it according to their population and needs of each state NOT 1 federal mandate one 1 size fits all big bureaucracy control from Washington D.C. by politicians that its going to bankrupt this nation.

            I believe if you have broken many of your campaign promises you shouldn't be reelected unless you explain to the people why and have a good reason.

            now if somebody that is running is close that then he or she gets my vote...................sorry, Obama has been a disappointment even to his liberal base.


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              No se pueden poner de acuerdo ni siquiera en que dia se van a reunir. Me recuerda las negociaciones con los vietnameses cuando pasaron dias tratando de decidir la forma y el tama~o de la mesa de negociaciones.


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                at least our political system is a lot better than what most countries our system if we dont like the garbage in power we can vote them out on election day.

                in other countries you get put in prison or killed for speaking against government in charge..


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                  Surprise, the U.S. system is better, even when half of the people never vote, like Bush, elected by the Supreme Court, no Electoral College or voters had anything to do with it What a great I mean system.!.


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                    50% of the people here dont vote because of their know what that is right?....that's way better than other countries were they are NOT allow to vote by force of violence, death and imprisoment.

                    and stop being an A-HOLE on everything about the United States..........Bush won Florida in 2000 and the Supreme Court just put a stop to the MADNESS that was happening in the recount about the hanging chads and double markings that nobody knew what the voters intentions were.

                    If you didn't called in sick they day they taught American Civics in middle school you would know is the ELECTORATE COLLEGE system that elects the U.S. President not Popular Vote.......Gore won the popular vote and Bush won the electorate vote by winning Florida and 29 states to Gore 20 states.

                    but since you hate everything that the United States represents, Im not surprised..again.

                    by the way I didn't vote for Bush in 2000 but accepted the results....obviously you are still bitter about our system.


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                      Bush, Cheney, Bush, Cheney we want them back, Condomsleeza, Rah, RAH, Rah.


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                        time to take your little pills old man


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                          Sarah, Sarah Perry for Vice


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                            wow it is good to be back and read some of the stuff this is better than facebook


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                              You bet it is.


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                                IIam back to stay, despite the Troll Redemption.