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Adopting A Child from Puerto Rico

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  • Adopting A Child from Puerto Rico

    I'm interested as well in knowing what adoption agencies exist in Puerto Rico for someone in the US to adopt a Puerto Rican child and any information on requirements and procedures. I'm of Puerto Rican background and wish to adopt from Puerto Rico. Wendy

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    My wife and I are also trying to adopt a child from Puerto Rico. The latest information we have is that an eligible person to adopt is one who has lived in Puerto Rico for (6) months consecutively. However, much of the information we have received is conflicting. The laws could change or there may be special circumstances which we are still investigating. We know there's an ICPC department in Puerto Rico that we think has to be involved. As we learn we will be more than happy to share the information with you. We would hope that you will also do the same.

    Best Regards,

    Dan & Lory


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      adopting a child in PR

      Wendy / Dan:

      This is the Statute relative to adoption for the commonwealth of PR. Good luck . . .

      Puerto Rico Adoption Statute Summary
      Puerto Rico Laws Annotated Title 31, secs. 531-539, as amended 1995 Puerto Rico Laws Act 8 (H.B. 1607) and Puerto Rico Laws Annotated Title 32, secs. 2691-2699, as amended 1995 Puerto Rico Laws Act 9 (S.B. 899) (1998)
      Who Can Adopt?
      Any person adopting when filing must:
      1. have continuously resided in Puerto Rico for at least six (6) months prior;
      2. be of legal age, never less that eighteen (18) years of age;
      3. have legal capacity to act;
      4. be at least fourteen (14) years older than the minor adoptee
      5. married persons must adopt jointly, unless adopting the child of the other spouse or if separated from their spouse for at least two months.
      Who Can Be Adopted?
      Non-emancipated minors and minors emancipated by a judge=s decree or with the consent of the father, mother or parents with patria potestas.
      Consent to Adoption
      Consent must be given in court by:
      1. the adoptee, if over ten (10) years of age and not an incapacitated person, unless the court dispenses with this consent;
      2. only the parent who acknowledges the child if one parent does not acknowledge the child;
      3. The adoptive parent(s);
      4. the parents of the adoptee; or
      5. a guardian specially designated by the court to give consent under certain circumstances.
      Consent is not required of a parent(s) when:
      1. the parent has been deprived of patria potestas
      2. the minor has been judicially emancipated or emancipation granted by the parent
      3. the parent has been disqualified to give consent by a judge or of unknown whereabouts or declared absent from the jurisdiction of the Puerto Ricos.
      All adoption files are confidential, except to the interested parties before the court. They may only be open to third parties upon a judicial order and for good cause.
      Permissible Fees
      An adoption of a child can not occur in exchange for money.
      Place of Adoption Hearing
      The adoption shall take place in the Superior Court of the residence of the adoptee.
      Authority To Place Child
      The Department of Social Services has authority to place a child for adoption.
      Re-printed with permission from the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse.