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    I have not been to Pr in a while and I want to know how is the relationship between the Boricuas and the Dominicans in Puerto Rico? reason i ask is cause over here it tends to be a bit tense sometimes. There is always this "i am better than you are" thing going on by both sides. I have a very dear dominican friend who last year told me that the only time she sees us celebrating our "Puertoricaness" is during the weeks prior to National PRican Day Parade. This comment of hers upset me and I informed her that "i dont have to have a flag on me 24/7 to prove who and where i come from. I am proud to be Boricua and that is enough for me. Some of us sometimes have flags or insignias of PR in cars, at home or on our person but most of us dont feel that we have to prove anything to anyone. Unlike, it seems, her people". I hated talking to my friend like that but is was the only way i could shut her up. It saddens me that we have to treat each other these way. I am planning to visit PR very soon and want to know if this is how it is over there too.

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    Mo Info

    All of my closest friends are boricua- except an Asian-Indian brother I have known for about 25 years. I grew up in a community that, at the time, had about 40 percent latinos. Of those, 75 percent were Puerto Rican, 15 percent were Dominican and 10 percent were other latinos. I never saw the real difference between myself and other latinos, specifically Dominicans. I always felt comfortable with Dominicans. Then I matured, got a couple of degrees [including a minor in Puerto Rican history], and got a job in law enforcement. Particularly, when I started working in law enforcement is when I saw a whole other side, not just of Dominicans, but Colombians, Peruvians, Ecuadorians, and others. [Although I will first preface by saying that I also saw another side of Jews, Polaks, Italians, Koreans, Asian-Indians, and others].

    Now to my point. What I have learned about negative side of Dominicans is that they are extreme opportunists and are up to their eyeballs in the drug trade and other criminal conduct [such as scamming Section 8, Social Security, and welfare]. [Now, Boricuas definitely do not have their hands clean in this game- and neither does any other group including Jews and other "white" groups]. However, as a percentage, Dominicans are disproportionately more involved in the drug trade than any other latino group. [This is a documented fact that can be found with some statistical research]. I have talked to hundreds of dominican arrestees who have either, sold drugs, bought drugs in bulk, laundered drug money; structured monetary transactions, imported and exported drugs; or among other things, acted as enforcers for drug organizations. I have also dealt with the families of the men and women who do these things. These constant experiences have definitely provided a window that many Dominicans do not want people to look in to. In terms of those who become criminal fugitives after making Bail; statistically, Dominicans, among all latinos, are number 1.

    For Dominicans to go around talking crap about Boricuas, I say; check yourselves. The scourge in the latino is heavily in their hands. All this in light of the fact that we have historically reached our hands out to them in brotherhood; and continue to do so.

    Now, I am not trying to label a whole people. I have also met some of the most decent people of Dominican persuasion in my travels. But I am just presenting a quick reality test to those skeptics out there. I could definitely give you some of the lowdown on Jews, Italians, Nigerians, and many other groups, who are similary up to their eyeballs in the drug trade, stock frauds, credit frauds, and many other crimes. The focus of this particular post however, is Dominicans, so I bring them to the forefront.

    If you travel to Puerto Rico and ask other boricuas, I suspect you will confront similar sentiment towards our "brother" quisqueyanos.


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      First. Dominicans don't go to Puerto Rico because they like Puerto Ricans. They go because Puerto Rico is a USA territory and it provides a haven or a transition to the states. When I visited NYC, I had no opinion on PR DR relations. But I was soon made aware of the deep animosity that they feel towards Puerto Ricans both in religious and non religious environments. Not everyone of course.. But a sufficient number to make one pause and take note. As for Puerto Rican opinions about the Dominicans being in Puerto Rico, Dominicans couldn't care less since they don't consider the island as being owned by Puerto Ricans./ They consider it a USA territory and view the American Gringos as the real owners of the island. So on the scale of one to ten Puerto Rican opinion about Dominican immigration or presence on the island doesn't even register a one.