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    The major flaw of a significant number of Puerto Rican woman is the need for venganza. Once a Puerto Rican woman decides that you must pay for some real or imagined wrong she will dedicate all her finely honed cunning resources and time to seeing that you pay for that wrong. Simulatenously she will feign forgiveness so that when the hammer falls it does so without warning. Or worse yet, will reveal the details of her venganza years later when all seems calm and forgotten.

    Of course, this characteristic isn't restricted to the females since Puerto Rican men are constantly scheming as well. Not against foreigners mind you-but against spouses and one another. In short, tricking people, especially fellow Puerto Ricans, is seen as clevereness and cleverness via intricate elaborate schemes is a virtue in their culture. Of course there are exceptions. But generally speaking that's the way it goes.