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The Spy Scandal of the FBI and the Puerto Rican secret police of Las Carpetas!

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  • The Spy Scandal of the FBI and the Puerto Rican secret police of Las Carpetas!


    Well if you translate Las Carpetas into English it can either be the carpets or the foldered documents or dossiers. Well the second definiton is the right one. like the aclaimed Puerto Rican book with the same name it is THE BIGGEST SCANDAL OF THE CENTURY! It was an estimate of about 1.8 million pages of carfully documented reports of the people of Puerto Rico who supported the independece. For most of the estimated 113,000 people who were spied on, that was it, they only supported the Independece of Puerto Rico. These dossiers were kept secret by the Puerto Rican government for over 40 years. It was related to the FBI, who during the reign of FBI President, J. Edgar Hoover, started a survelence operation called COINTELPRO. Ths was aimed to DESTROY every Native American struggles, Puerto Rican support, the Black Panther party and Martin Luther King and the Cival Rights movements by any means necessary. Including violating everty single Law and amendment of the U.S.A constitution to achieve its cause.

    This program spied and try to kill many people or humiliate them to deminish support to them, like to Martin Luther King. The Puerto Rican undermining by the Police Intelligent Unit, which was trained and funded by the FBI, spied on the first elected Governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Munoz Marin, for 20 years, because he was originally an advocate of Independece and was in the socialist party for a short time. The people who have been under the complete survelience, were subject to by the FBI and the Police Intelligent Unit to quetioning of family memeber including small children. The police unit recruted acomplises for spying, and phone tapings, which is direct violation of the Puerto Rico Constituion. The people who commited these crimes knew what they were doing, because it was written slightly about in their offical handbook of that police unit. People like the former Socialist Party leader, Mari Bras, was spied on and an unsolved murder of his son. Many murders during this unusual time of Puerto Rico's history, that involved people who were support of Independece, was unsolved, like the slaying of 2 unarmed youth by the police. The police put it as they were terroists, but it was later proven that they were unarmed at the time, but the police still haven't charged the other two police men that commited the murders.

    J Edgar Hoover, the leader of the FBI, was a perfectionist, racist, and obsessed about knowing everything behind the political scenes. His "celebrity" files, was documented spying of every celebrity that had some connection with politics. His most documented accounts were about Frank Sinatra, who was allegedly connected, after the spying,to prostitutes, the mafia, and the help of cheating, by the mafia, of the presidential elections of to John F Kennedy. Also Marilyn Monroe was spyied on and was connected to John F kenndy and his brother, because she had an affair with both of them.

    It was until 1987 that the Police Intelligent Unit of Puerto Rico, was dismantled by the Puerto Rico Surpreme Court and orderd many but not all of the documents to be given to the victims. In the 1980's and 90's, Puerto Rico became a more modern nation and shuned many but not all of the crimes against pro-independence advocates and questioned its colonial rule. In 1998 Pro-Statehood Governor, Pedro Rosello, officially apologized to the carpetas and through executive order, offered $3,000 to those victims filed documents that exceded 50 pages and to those who drop the many law sutes that demanded more than a billion dollors in total from the government. Many of the law sutes standed after the offer. To this day many can't believe that the USA government and more surpringly, the Puerto Rican government of keeping and participating in murders,connected bombings of assembled Pro-Independece rallies, like in one in Mayaquez, torture and questionings, like to former Nationlist Party President, Pedro Albizu Campos. The USA, before COINTELPRO, also put laws, like "La Mordaza" or the gag law that made our now official Puerto Rican flag, illegal to show and illegal to advocate independece and the penalty could mean up to 5 YEARS IN JAIL! That law was in direct violation of the USA constitution, but the time of the creation of the Puerto Rican constitution, the law was droped, because that constituion was giving Puerto Ricans rights that they never experienced. Even that was still not enough, because the crimes still kept on and still reigned surpreme in Puerto Rico's underground of secret police, just like the KGB of Russia, or the CIA and the FBI based in the USA and the former Nazi Gastapo. I, myself, hope this never happens again, but most likely it is and still going on now that Independece is getting stronger to state-living Puerto Ricans and in Puerto Rico, slightly. This is mainly happening, because of the Vieques issue. This is a dark chapter in our history that I hope no one ever forgets, especially Americans and Puerto Ricans.

    To read more about Las Carpetas and COINTELPRO, go to

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      You are absolutely right.

      In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

      Dear Brother,
      I am so relieved to see a Puerto Rican brother do his research. I tried to enlighten through the religion thread of this website and came up with only those who want to argue on behalf of this government who seeks to keep us sordo, mordo, y ciegos. Dumb, deaf, and blind. The COINTELPRO is the biggest conspiracy in the history of the world by a government cast against its own citizens. They are using this same tactic on the Hip Hop Industry. Notice how the media was trying to make it seem that there was some full scale war against the East Coast and West Coast. Of all the Hip Hop artist there was really small personal fueds going on between only a few of the artist, but there was never no war. Why did the media sensationalize this small fued to this scale? Why is that Tupac and Biggie Smalls were utilized to push this propaganda, then eliminated from the process. If you notice that around 1995 to 1996, there was a new Malt Liquor introduced into the Black/Latino community. It was called St. Ides. Who pushed it? Who was making the commercial? I remember one poster had Biggie Smalls a.k.a. the Notorious BIG holding a bottle of St. Ides and making a gesture with his hands to say, 'Down the West Side' (his hand was shaped like a 'W' and it was pointed down. Tupac was going to form a group called US with a former L.A. Gang Leader, Monster Cody, and Mike Tyson, and they were going to go out and tell the Black gangs to stop the senselessness of gang banging. A few months later, Tupac was killed the night of a Mike Tyson fight, Tyson was back in legal trouble, and Monster Cody went back to jail for violating probation. Coincidence. No, I call it COINTELPRO. They used this tactic with Min. Louis Farrakhan. Do you remember last year when 60 minutes broadcast the interview with Min. Farrakhan and Quibilah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X. The commercial said, 'Min. Farrakhan admits to role in Malcolm X assassination.' No where in the interview did Min. Farrakhan say he took part in the assassination. 60 minutes managed to cut a four hour interview into a 20 minute segment. Most of what Min. Farrakhan was saying was cut off. So, just like the environment was created to assassinate Malcolm X, the same environment was attempted to be created for Min. Louis Farrakhan. The same tactics are being used on Illinois Congressman Luis Guitterrez, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Rev. Jesse Jackson. It is a relief to run into a Puerto Rican brother who is studying the other side of the fence.

      your brother and servant,

      Hector Falu-Muhammad


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        Thank you very much for your comments. I was astonished to hear what the USA have done to PR and amazed that some people still want statehood, but those are the ones that love welfare and cant survive on it and the political parties want to keep it that way and not say anything in fear the people wont like that because over 40% are in public assisstance, but hey, statehood wont be in the next referendum. Congress has the real power, and they dont want statehood and the Bush proposed one is to scare Sila for Wednesday´s practices on Vieques. I wrote about Vieques and revised biography, since the last one I posted here, on Pedro Albizu Campos. Check it out if you like. and other PR and independentistas things at my website

        My best t you.