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Trash from NY to Puerto Rico

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  • Trash from NY to Puerto Rico

    I saw today around 1 am or so, a show called " A rojo vivo" in Telemundo. And i saw some horrible news, that the mayor of New York, is planning to throw allll the garbage of New York's dumpster, into the caribean seas. Meaning my beautiful island beache's, which are famous, and other places like Republica dominicana, Cuba, and all the places in the caribean sea, will be completely polluted by -their- trash. Can someone PLEASE explain it to me further!??!?!?

    - Angry Karla

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    Click here: Puerto Rico will not accept waste


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      Su Mentalidad!

      This Big-Apple-trash-dumping suggestion is not surprising since most Americans consider Puerto Rican immigration to their nation a type of solid waste problem as is evident by their overt and covert discriminatory policies.

      So this offensive trash-dumping plan is viewed perhaps as a kind of poetic justice--or the birds coming home to roost--as it were.


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        Actually, it was cleared that Puerto Rico wasn't a specific suggestion. The suggestion was just some Caribbean island. There are immigrants from PR, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and the lesser antilles in NYC. It was a stupid suggestion, and thankfully it won't take place, lol. At least not in PR, according to the Governor.