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Anti-Puerto Rican Racism

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  • Anti-Puerto Rican Racism

    I believe it's important to combat anti-Puerto Rican prejudice. An anti-Puerto Rican boy named Scottie (aka Max Power), who is 25 and lives in Seattle -- with his parents -- is an avowed “White Nationalist” who has contributed essays for VNN ( He is LDS and likes to suck toes given his foot fetish. He says he wants to be a CEO one day but spends all of his time online, boasting about how successful he will be one day even though he lives with mommy at 25. He was making 11 bucks an hour before losing or quitting his job. His fiancee Shireen dumped him for lying to her. He hates Hispanics.

    He believes he will one day write the White Nationalist “Das Kapital,” but, as you will see, can’t even write a single sentence without bungling it up like an idiot. He has used the screennames “little_oswald” and “max_power08.”

    Max Power wrote in “Why Whites Should Be Racially Conscious”:

    "The fact that the bloodiest conflicts in recent years have erupted between whites in Ireland and the Balkans seems to render less plausible the notion of whites having a strong sense of racial tribalism. The only comment I can offer here is that this just reinforces the commonsensical observation that further integration is doomed to failure, for if groups with a minutiae of racial differences betweem them struggle to get along, how can anyone expect Moslems from Pakistan and voodoo priests from Haiti to be anything other than shock troops for the Jewish mandarins to bring down white gentile societies? For the time being, I'll leave this one to the historians, and possibly a future article."

    [Link active as of 1/23.]

    As you can see, Scottie doesn’t even know how to use the word “minutiae.” Moreover, he believes there is a Jewish conspiracy “to bring down white gentile societies.” Oy Vey! The Jews are the reason why Scottie lives with his mommy at 25. The Jews are the reason why he can’t last in an 11/hour job. The Jews are preventing him from achieving glory as the White Nationalist Karl Marx. The Jews gave Scottie bad teachers who didn’t instill within him a decent writing ability. Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!

    Below is a photo of Scottie.

    [Edited by Max_Power on 11th February 2004 at 07:44]

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    The New World Order
    Novus Ordo Seclorum


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      Whoa, there hasn't been much said about this.... I'm surprised...


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        Originally posted by Delgado22 View Post
        Whoa, there hasn't been much said about this.... I'm surprised...
        Why don't YOU say something?


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          from the description he sounds more like 11 than 25. meh. there's prejudice everywhere and that doesn't sound like anything to worry about. problems come at actual jobs and in education etc when discrimination occurs.