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its not allowed to us even to dream

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  • its not allowed to us even to dream

    hello all ,,hope all of u are doing fine...
    well this website talks about international human rights...
    i'm from a country treat us as the hell ,,as the animals we don't have our rights to use it for life to live as any other human ,,, my country where do i'm from its not giving all the people who r living in it thier rights ,,we don't have nationality,,civil i'd ..driving lecnes ..passports,,my country even didn't allowed me get the school 15 years ago and that killeds me right inside i have many dreams for my future but as i know and live its not allowed to us even to dream ,,my country's GOV press us to say that we come frome other countries we never have been in it and never know it,, oh god . ,,, alot of guys and girls had did crazy things some of them lost thier minds some of them had killed themselves,,, i pray hard every mint to my god to helps us out and hope i can leave this country soon with a good guy really loves me and protects me and will makes my dreams come true with him ..what my country did to us its really hurrible and hard to handle it,,,
    in this world there r so many countries treat some of thier people as the hell for no reasons for stiubed reasons but really no reasons ,,its so sad
    well people ..sorry..have a good time.