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I need your help AGAIN people~ PLEASE HELP ME

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  • I need your help AGAIN people~ PLEASE HELP ME

    well it's been a while since i wrote on here, but anyways, I'm going out with this guy. well he's 20 and i'm 17. he's in the marines and this is his last year in the marines. well he left last monday. i havn't talked to him since this thursday. i called him on day and he said not to call him, that he would call me as soon as he had a chance but i miss him so much i keep on calling him. i don't know if i should keep on calling or if i should wait for him. my mother said that the girl should not call the guy. he has to call her. she said that if he really cares he's going to call. i understand that you can't talk on the phone when your on the base, but i think he can call me for 2 minutes atleast. well i need your help people and tell me what to do. me and his mom are cool. i told her to tell him to call me and he did. that's when he said don't call me i'll call you. well like i said please write and tell me what to do. i love this guy alot. please help me : (
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    My advice is to give him some time because when they have you on base you are training and it is hard to call some one but try writting to him and see if he gives a respons. In the letter tell him how much you miss him etc.... So give it a try.