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Looking to interview resident for class project

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  • Looking to interview resident for class project

    My name is Ryan and i'm from Milwaukee,WI (United States). I'm on my second year of college and I am taking a Cross Cultural Communications course. Part of the requirement is to do a project based on a chosen culture. I chose Puerto Rican culture. I have been checking out the resources on this website among others but what I would really like to do is interview someone from within the culture. I am posting this message in hopes to find someone who I can interview. I am looking for someone who fulfills any of the following criteria: Lives in Puerto Rico, lives within a Puerto Rician community, someone who has Puerto Rician ancestorial roots, has contact with the culture, lives in the States and is Puerto Rician, or anything related to the above. I will have the list of questions ready in about a week. I am looking to do the interviews by means of email or online chat since the cost of telephone calls would be high. If anyone is interested please contact me at
    I welcome any opinions, anyone with resources I might be able to use, and I will reply to everyone who emails me.
    Thanks for your time,
    Ryan Lucas

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    My name is Brenda Liz Perez and I was born and raised in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. I live in Florida and have all my family in P.R.(mother, father, brothers & sisters, etc...) As a matter of fact I am going to P.R. in a few weeks to visit the family. I have very strong roots since I have been in United States for only 8 years, but always keeping in touc. Let me know if I can help with your project. E-mail to
    Brenda Liz Perez


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      I was married to a Puerto Rican lady
      and lived and worked on the island
      for 13 years. I lived in Levittown and worked at Ft. Buchanan.
      If this falls into your criteria in any way and I can help
      let me know.

      You can contact me at: or