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Puerto rican men dating white girls

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    Why does there always have to be this useless talk about interracial relationships, like it's the newest thing on the planet. Like PR men came flying over yesterday from mars in a big UFO.
    My father's white ands my moms is black.

    AND SO WHAT!!!!

    Y'all gotta get over this waste of time.
    Start seeing eachother like HUMAN BEINGS.
    I think that any man or woman regardless what race just wants love, sweetness, understandingness and blablabla like everyone else in a relationship.
    I see it this way, if you like him go for it, if ya don't dump him. but stop bringing the racial issue in to it because it's useless.


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      hey ma, don't worry , give him time, don't rush to anything ,,,, folks don't like to be rush , since he treated like caa caa.. you can always find another ... but meanly I don't think Puerto-ricans men like having a white chicks as a girlfriend more like a booty call, (sorry bam bam ). Plus Puerto-rican men feel like they selling out dating a white chick, so bambam that my opinoin. Maybe one day you 'll find rico suave that loves you for you.... peace ma

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      "today someone borns today someone dies , try to live life to the fullest , don't ask why"


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        While agree with leaving the racial issue out, I have to admit that something is definitely up.

        My father was military and I spent the first 12 years of my life living in Puerto Rico. I'm lily-white and growing up there was never any differences made among the kids I grew up around. I never once felt any racial pressures or tensions.

        When I graduated from high school, I went back to Puerto Rico for 2 weeks, again I never felt any tension and the guys were always looking, smiling, speaking, asking me out etc.

        Even 2 years after that when I went back on my honeymoon, although I was married — the guys still were looking, smiling, speaking and apologized sweetly when I told them I was married and there with my husband.

        5 years divorced and single later, I returned to Puerto Rico and spent 3 months. I went to various places, beaches etc. and the guys avoided me like I was some kind of plague. It was seriously like walking into a deep freeze. The entire 3 months I was there not one guy came up to me for any reason. The most "attention" I ever received was while sitting in a bar in Mayagüez, there was probably around 5-6 guys standing near the dance area, drinking and taking turns staring at...err...burning holes right through me and whispering among themselves. I can't begin to explain the feeling I had other than it was cold and trippy.

        I just came back from a 3 week trip and the scenario was the same as it was a little over a year ago. I left this time asking myself, am I THAT bad or am I TOO white?

        Over the weekend I went to a nearby bar that I haven't been to in years and several Mexican men were there and being a female, walking in alone, sitting alone, a couple of the guys bought me a drink and even walked me to my car to make sure I got to my car safely.

        That of course got me to thinking — what happened to the charming Puertorriquens that I used to set the basis of what my idea of the perfect guy should be? Although after reading some of the posts on this forum, I'm wondering if it isn't a "booty-calling" or if it could be a because I'm white thing.

        T'was truly weird.