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What about those who are jealous?

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  • What about those who are jealous?

    Do you think it is right to be jealous of the person you go out with? If so, what do you consider the "limit" should be on jealousy?
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    To be jealous of anyone is a feeling that many of us have felt sometime in our life. Although each of us fall victim to human aspirations and weaknesses, I feel it is dangerous to be jealous of the person you go out with.

    I cannot say that it is right or wrong to be jealous of the person you go out with because you are who are alone and if you feel that way, instead of supressing your feelings because you feel "it is not right to feel this way", contemplate on what you can do to decease that feeling instead of supressing it. If it is due to self-esteem conflicts, maybe that individual can help you grow from learning that although they may have qualities worth envying, if they are healthy for you, your partner can magnify your unique qualities.

    My advice is to celebrate each other's qualities. Share in talents and abilities, as well as, appreciate the beauty in each other. Compliment each other by helping each other with weakness and magnifying the strong qualities. Think with your heart, and treat others as you would be treated...
    Most importantly, remember we all bleed, we all feel, and we can relate and celebrate if we can learn to be more appreciative of each other.