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    Hello Everyone, Do you know what BORIQUA means? It means BRAVE LORDS, and that is what we all are. Just wanted to share that with all of you. As for me well, I'm new to this forum. I would like to end it with a lot of true friends so here a question to start us off. I've already post this same question "IN LOOKING FOR MEN", but then I thought why not share it with everyone. Here goes:
    Can a man truly be friends with a woman? Can a woman be truly friends with a man? Can a simple and honest relationship exsist between us? Can friendship be respected and honored enough to withstand even the insecurities of our current partners? You know how our beautiful culture can be when it comes to "Amigos and Amigas. This spanish-brown eyed woman would like to know your input

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    Wuz up? well ur not only one that has thught about that. I'm a boriqua to and i feel the same way. I dont think a man and a woman would ever be the best of frinds b/c men and woman r very different and niether of the sexes will ever understand each other. Thats cool that u wrote that b/c i think alot of peole askt hemselves qustions. bye


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      Hola Yarelis,

      How are you doing. Hey your right, we are so different then men, and that's what make it all the better. As men and women we can learn from each other. Why not start with friendship. Now when I say friendship I don't mean, in a PAL sort of way, I mean true, keeping in real, with all the respect and consideration that comes with it. With these basic elements and a few others, yes, I believe friendship in the most simpliest form can exsist. We as latina women, owe it to ourselves to try to understand these other spices, it's a beautiful one, especially Latino men.