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Do you Pican Rican women like European Men?

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  • Do you Pican Rican women like European Men?

    Hi there!

    I dunno much about Puerto Rican yet. But what i do know is that i like the girls from Puerto Rico.

    My question is whetha yall like European guys and if there is some kind of a PR- community in Europe?

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    Hello there.

    My name is ShaSha and in my opion some puerto rican women like european men.I am a 25yr woan mixed with PuertoRican/Black/Brazilian.I have dated my share of men like Italian,German,French,etc. I think it more or less has to do with the woman herself.Some women prefer to stick to their own kind cause the feel safer that way because they feel that their own kind understnads them more but if the women take to time and get to know some from their own than that person in due time can grow to understnad just the same as one of their own race.

    P.S. If you wanna chat sometime hit me up.