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  • Need woman opinion

    Why is it when a man is very nice and giving....the man seems weak...but when he's a player and doesn't call or care you ladies want that man?....Is it that we have to fake it and be a ruff neck not wanting to be one? Beacuse if were ourselves...were weak....plz tell me what should I do?

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    I don't agree with this I mean that plenty of women get hurt by men that are players. I feel that you are just not meeting the right type of woman. At times a woman falls deeply for a man and he doesn't call or care to follow what he stated at one time to her. Then if the lady decides to protect herself and be distant the man seems to want her more. The same as you are stating....what happens in these relationships is that the two individuals are playing a game and not being honest.

    Men that are giving are not weak....not in my me they are strong because they can accept their feelings. My suggestion to you is to be yourself...the woman that falls for you would like that better...however no woman or man likes a person that doesnt stand up for themself. Love and be honest but don't let them take advantage of you. If they do...then they truly don't love you.


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      Just be yourself!

      I agree with Leticia……….in my eyes these men are also strong because they’re not afraid to resist a common opinion………that a real man must be a coldhearted hunter, a player, as angel said, that’s only seeking for easy victories and only cares about money and his career……….some men think that more women they sleep with more stronger they will in other man eyes…. I guess that a real man should proof his power some other way.

      Angel who told you that when a man is very nice and giving....the man seems weak?………if a girl told you that you’re weak because you’re nice to here………..i guess she’s out of her mind…….

      So what should you do Angel?




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        Hello Angel,

        Hello and how are you doing today. my name is ShaSha and I thought I would stop and say hello.To me in my eyes men that are nice and sweet are very good and us women need more men like you because there are alot of guys out there
        who are players,who get involved with a woman and cheat on her when they see someone cuter than her. And then there are just some straight men who like to play games with women and in up hurting alot of women. Some women like that bad boy image where they pretend to be hard cor and there really are not and then there are alot of women who wish there were alot more men like you who can just be themselves
        and dont have to pretend that they are something that they are not.


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          but then some men take it like a game the she which type of women they are and then they become the guy that they desire...not that i have done it before...ok ok I've done it before but that was long time ago in my pimpin' days...


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            I think that it is true that a lot of women are attracted to men who can be called "players". There are lots of women who enjoy the "ride". Well, here's some advise... Be yourself but don't be so nice that others can walk all over you. Be able to stand up and take charge when needed. Women do like that too! Here's the deal... women will date and encounter many players but they will hold onto a "Good Guy" when they find him... and we know who they are... So, you'll find that someone who is tired of the players and is ready for a real guy!