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Need Advice on Puerto Rican Women!

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  • Need Advice on Puerto Rican Women!

    Hi, I'm a white American that just met and fell in love with a beautiful Puerto Rican girl. I've only dated white girls and she's only dated black men. Since I am so inexperienced with her culture, and I don't know any other Puerto Rican people, I was hoping I could get some advice on here.

    This was a love at first sight encounter for both of us. We immediately became intimate and she was the most passionate lover, by far, that I've ever had. I want to marry this girl I love her so much.

    Please tell me what I can do keep this woman besides sending her flowers and notes to let her know I'm thinking about her, opening doors for her, taking her away on romantic getaways, treating her like the queen that she is. Anything you can tell me would be great!

    Thank you so much!

    - Gringo Madly In Love

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    Maybe you should:
    - learn how to dance salsa
    - take some cooking lessons so you can prepare her some Puerto Rican food
    - how about learning Spanish and Spanglish

    If you do those things, you might win her heart.

    But answer me this. . .is that who you are? If you did those things and won her heart, would it really be YOU who won her over, or would it be you disguised as "someone else" who won her heart?

    IMHO, I suggest you be your yourself. Let her see, know, and experience who YOU really are. . .the real YOU! If she likes what she sees, then you will never have to act or fake being something/someone you're not.

    If she does not like what she sees in you, then hey. . .there are plenty of other fish in the sea for you to go after.