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Black woman dating PR older man

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  • Black woman dating PR older man

    I have dated latino men most of my life and all are different. I recent started dating one who is 48 and I am 36. I have always dated older men. We met online and have only seen each other three times. He is very hard to figure out. He is from spanish harlem and has many traditional values such as being a father to his children working hard etc. We live about an hour and half away from each other, he works long days, plays sports and does whatever else he does. We talk maybe once a week and text each other daily. I originally was only looking to date but now I want more. He just recently changed jobs and is trying to get himself together. I have asked him several times if he wants me to back off and each time he has clearly said no. But we dont see each other we dont talk alot and we definitely are not as intimate as I would like to be. I told him when i met that i have a very very high sex drive. After all that my question is do i give this time since i have already let him know how i feel about pursuing this further or do i move on. I cant tell if its a cultural thing when he gets so preoccupied with what he is doing and does not tend to my needs. I dont know if its the distance. I just dont know which way to go. He seems loyal but i need more--affection, to meet the rest of his family, take to him etc. Please help?????

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    Do his "traditional values" include being married to the mother of his children?


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      he was

      He was married to the mothef of his kids but they are divorced.