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PR man and a white girl?

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  • PR man and a white girl?

    I met this PR guy...really liked him. good looking, self sufficient, good sense of humor, etc. But when he gets upset with me, he ignores me for days, He did this and we made up, and all seemed to be fine. He apologized, etc. Now it happened again, because he got offended/pissed off for something I said. I apologized not once but several times. He kept fighting with me, so I fought back (with words). Then he decides to end the evening, even though after our last fight he said that for now on we will talk things out. So he drives me home, wouldn't listen to anything I have to say, said we would talk about it later, and this was days ago. I do not want to be a yo yo. Does it take a certain mentality to handle a guy like this? I thought we were great together, but what he did is unacceptable. I cant handle being ignored for days every time he gets mad. I feel like I am walking on eggshells with him.

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    Hi Sophia

    I'm just wondering why you would want to live your life like that.

    It seems to me that this man is disrespecting you. He's showing a pattern of behavior that is making you miserable, and by apologizing to him, you're showing him that it's ok for him to treat you that way.

    Do you really think he's going to change? It's more likely you'll be the one to change to keep the peace.

    In my experience (and I've been around for a while) it is far better to be single that to be with the wrong person.

    Walking on eggshells is emotionally exhausting.

    Whatever you choose to do - I wish you well.

    Carpe Diem - Seize the Day


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      Yes, your right. He did apologize a couple days ago by text, but he did not acknowledge my feelings or that I was hurt. He doesn't comprehend that his behavior affects how other people feel. Total sociopath/narcissist. Hate to point it at a disorder but it's true. He got offended by one thing and his eyes glazed over like a total psychopath. Then on top of that, acts like I owe him now. Walks around like he doesn't owe anyone anything and he can behave anyway he wants because he's this successful guy which is so exaggerated it's sad. Were at dinner and he takes a call, texting a couple customers of his etc. Then to end the night like he did was just heartless and cruel. I have been in fights with exes/people I dated but never have I ever been treated so poorly. Plus he runs so hot and cold it's crazy. He actually made it seem like we were a couple so into me only to back off so far tells me he has a lot of issues I just don't want to deal with. He always blames the girl too. His dating history isn't too solid and it's always that they were too needy, emotionally attached or they expected him to see her all the time when he's too busy with work to do that.


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        Good for you Sophia!

        Life really is too short to spend time trying to carry a stranger's baggage - and that's what he is really, a stranger.

        I also thought 'narcissist' when I was reading your post, but I would possibly add 'misogynist' as well.

        Wishing you well!
        Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!