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Long distance love.

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  • Long distance love.

    Well man,
    She says she loves you but she can't deal with how the military causes you to be so far away hmmm...I've watched both my mother and my oldest sister in marriages with military men. Papi was constantly gone and my mother was happy when he finally got out, but let me tell you- she stayed true and faithful, despite the distance. The same thing with my sister and brother-in-law. I honestly believe that real love spans the distance and only selfish "love" can't reach that far. So does she love you? or is she wrapped up in her own needs and desires that she doesn't feel that she can stay with you? You don't need someone in your life whom you cannot trust that they will be true to you while you are gone. Yeah, it can be hard-wanting that special person there to touch, to hold, to talk, etc. and they are not around. I'm in a long distance relationship and let me tell you-it's not easy, but when he flies to come see me and when I hear his voice on the phone- well, it makes it worth it. You may hurt now- but I guarantee you this- the right lady will come and when she comes she'll see that you are worth every tear thats cried when she thinks of how much she misses and loves you, that the expense of the long distance phone bill is worth it-Heal and Hang on, brother.