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Why do guys lie?

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  • Why do guys lie?

    Hello. New person here. Asking all those who can help me understand why is iit that fellas just can't keep it real with us, girls? And when you, guys get all caught up in your lies, you tend to flip the script?Answer me this, and be creative?

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    Hi there....and welcome aboard.

    I know what you mean about the hombres lying. It is a shame, but a truth! I don't know your exact position, if you were just recently lied to or what has happened. I can only tell you from my experiences, guys lie because it "works" for them. They do it because they feel they can. Somehow they "get" something out of it. Another thing I have learned is that they may lie, and not even know or realize it is a lie because they believe what they are actually saying Ever hear the saying, a fool can only "fool" himself???

    Hang in there.


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      Funny insight on lying guys.

      Jennifer, thankx for the insight and girl that is so true about them not being able to seperate their ideas of what is considered a lie and the truth. But girl, let me let you in on a bit of 411 on my situation. Guy had the nerve to tell his relatives to tell me he wasn't somewhere he wasn't suppose to be at, and got all caught up when I showed up at the place. Talk about flipping the script. When he tried to say he just got there, when relatives said he had been there for a cool minute.


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        I know what your saying carolinec and italia
        they lie so much they start to belive there selves,
        some of them!!!


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          more fish in the deep blue sea??? YEP!

          Kick him to the curb girlfriend! He is not worth the time nor the headache, or the heartache for that fact!