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True Story in a poem( poema)

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  • True Story in a poem( poema)

    The mother of my sonEsa Mujer que siempre he amado

    Cuando solia ser solo un nino me encontre con una nina. Esa nina tenia una mirada peculiar que cautivo mi corazon y mi razon. Su sonrisa, me contagio de una enfermedad eterna. Su piel era una mezcla de Taina, espanola y africana, oro broceada. La musica, le infundia magia pues bailaba con fervor al oir las cuerdas, el cuero y la clave. Su belleza con unica e indiscutible simpleza me emborrachaba como el pitorro.

    Despues de ese encuentro mi interes a otra nina y luego mujer no surgia. Pues esa ladrona me habia quitado el don de amar. Los dos eramos muy joven, pues nuestro Parientes no aplaudian nuestras intenciones. Su llegada fue muy corta ya que se me fue al desierto enriquecido. Y me quede solo sin poder ni oler su dulzura de prohibida margen.

    Luego regresa!!! Y ya era mujer… su cuerpo habia cambiado…. Su voz tambien….
    No la conocia, su lenguaje era distinto pues no la entendia muy bien….. Su cambio me estremecio pues era la muchacha completamente cambiada. El ambiente donde se desarollo aparentemente la cambio. Ahora la deseaba como un hombre a una mujer.

    El sentido que sentia hacia ella tambien cambio, sus pretuberancia de curvas inexplicables me desconcertaban. Se me desperto un sentimiento distinto y me sentia confuso….Sus formas y manera de extremada femenina me influenciaba de manera volcanica. Respiraba apresuradamente, mi corazon parpitaba veloz, mis manos sudaban, me sentia nervioso y no sabia como acercarme a mi allegado amor de ninez.

    La noche, repentinamente estaba distinta, los coquies cantaban en coro, las estrellas brillaban pulposamente, y la hermosa Luna estaba inmensa, amarilla y plateada..oro.
    Su perfume se me grabo para siempre, me miraba, aparentemente tampoco me conocia..
    Que hago, no se que decirle, mi Dios !!!ayudame…Mi prima decia” que linda esta hah ?” Y yo le respondi “si, esta bien buena mana” .

    De repente estabamos en casa de mi prima, la musica era suave y romantica, la saque a bailar, y bailamos y bailamos suavemente, arduamente y nos mirabamos. Mi cuerpo queria explotar y ella me parecia que tambien. “Ahora o Nunca” dije,, Y nos besamos. Que me pasaba? Sus labios me quemaban, me acariciaban y me acorralaban. Me entregue al deseo pasional que habia descubierto y ella tambien. Me apretaba, se estremecia y no me importaba el mundo solo ella.

    Nos fuimos a un lugar solo y nos amamos hasta no mas………………

    That Woman I forever Loved

    While just a child I met a girl. She had a peculiar way, a gleaming look toward me, thus captivating my reasoning and my heart. I was eternally, invaded by her smile. Her skin a mixture of Taina Indian, Spanish and African races produced a texture and color of unimaginable golden bronze. Music influenced her like magic; she danced with such fierce while listening to guitar strings drums and the African musical timing. Her unique and indisputable but simple beauty as when “Pitorro” is consumed intoxicated me.

    I was bewitched since after my encounter with this child, I could not even think of any other girl. The thief has taken away my power to love. We were very young and our parents dislike the idea of our mutual affection. Her arrival to the Island was too short and departure to the enriched desert was eminent. I was left alone powerless. Her sweet perfume I could not smell again, marginal and prohibition was our destiny.

    Time takes its course, she arrives! And now she is a woman…. Her temple has changed…her musical instrument was acute… I did not recognized her, her language…I can hardly understand….I was shocked by the enormous changes. The environment she grew affected her…graciously, beautifully and remarkably. Like a man desire a woman, that is what I felt.

    The childish feeling and emotions I felt have changed. I cannot explain such mental fog; her curvy protuberances are unreal. Suddenly, a strange hibernating feeling awakens…I was confused, her female manners, her shape and her skin smoothness creates a volcanic explosive effect on my male hormones. I see myself in a rapid breathing expedition, I felt like a heart attack, my hands were sweating profusely and my God I was so nervous. I just could not even approach my childhood love.

    The evening, suddenly was transformed, coquies sang in sync, stars screamed of brightness and the Moon…the Moon was grandiose and majestic, gold was the beaming color. Her perfume nailed me forever; looking but seem, as she did not recognized me. What should I do? I do not even know what to say..Oh My God help me…Then my cousin says” She has got pretty huh?” I said” Yes, she is fine”.

    Miraculously we were at my cousin’s house, Music was soft and romantic, ask her to dance and we dance and dance softly, passionately and we stare for a while. My temple was about to explode, implode and she was experiencing the same I felt it. I said” Now or Never” and we kissed… what was happening? Her lips were burning, caressing me and trapping me. I surrendered to the passional desire we discovered and felt. She was holding, hugging me, shivering and I did not care anymore, all I cared was her only her.

    We departed to a secluded place and we love each other as no other couple ever loved and we exchanged touch…………

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    I really don't respond to many posts but what u wrote was beautiful. It's good to know that u have experienced such a wonderful love as such. I just thought i would let you u know that ur poem was awesome. God Bless!


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      I have more similar poems, I will be posting them soon. Thanks for elocuent responds.