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When does it become easier to say I Love You?

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  • When does it become easier to say I Love You?

    Last few weeks I had be with my man and he's been really lovin' and sweet to me. But I had to stop to ask him what do he feels about us? It was like if I cross the imaginary line and he straight did a 360 on me. It came to me as if I was trying to make him say those 3 words that he just couldn't get out of his throat seem like it was over if I did, so I just squashed it. But WHAT THE @*#! Is there some type of schedule one has to fallow when moving on with one's relationship?

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    there should not be a "schedule"......


    It sounds like your man seems to be a little on the confused end of this relationship! most guys are! If you love him, and he doesn't love you...maybe you should look closer at this relationship with him. Is he worth it? Don't let this guy play you deserve way better than that.

    So if you love him, and you have told him, and he is not ready to commit to that way (and let me remind you that is a HUGE way) than you two should ask yourselves what are you in it for?????


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      Sometimes some guys find it difficult to express what we really feel. Your friend may have that problem. Out of personal experience I'll tell you that sometimes we just don't know what we want.


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        I don't think your timing was right. Saying "I love you" is so much better when the person says it naturally, you know, isn't pushed into it. However, Caroline if a guy says it too easily then he can be a player. Don't fall into the trap. Back off from him, give him space and time to digest what you threw at him. Don't ask again. Just tell him that you need some time alone. Remember if you have to ask someone if he loves you, it might not be worth listening to the reply. Men like adventure, keep yourself a little mysterious, pretend you don't care. Good luck. anything.