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Could it be possible to be allergic to the cold?

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  • Could it be possible to be allergic to the cold?

    Hi all,
    I have a probably stupid question, but my husband and I can not come to any other conclusion. He was raised and born in Villalba PR. 13 yrs ago he came here to Western NY when he was 18. He had never experienced migraine headaches before. In the past 7 yrs he has been suffering with what the doctors call "Cluster headaches". He is on medication for the rest of his life to slow down the occurance of the headaches. When he has the headaches it is always in the winter time. They last for about 2-3 weeks. He had never had these headaches when he lived in PR. Now that he is here he is having them. We went to PR in the winter one year and he had a headache the day before we left for PR. The whole time we were there he did not have one headache. We are discussing moving back to warmer climate due to his health. Any comments please submit. Thank you EvelynTorres

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    It is related to the cold weather


    I don't know if what your husband is experiencing is an allergy, but he may be experiencing irritation to his sinuses due to the extra dry air that occurs in the winter time with the heat on. Because he was raised in PR, his sinuses may be especially sensitive to this very dry air.

    I've noticed more headaches lately myself, and it's going on right now that we're having a really bad cold snap.

    I suggest you try a humidifier, especially in the room where he sleeps. See if that eases things a bit.


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      Thank you so much for the suggestion. I sure hope that this will help him. He suffers real bad and they come at any time of the day. He drives for living of which makes it tough on him. I will let you know if things got better after the use of the humidifier. Thanks again. EvelynTorres