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???What do men WANT???

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    I agree with some of the things you say. I'm good looking, independent, turstworthy, faithfull, and all the rest of that good stuff. Yet still, I can not find the right guy. I say all of the bad girls get the good men, and all of the good girls get the left over, damaged goods men. As for me, I'm still waiting. I joke with my friends that if I don't find the right guy, then I'm going to be gay. we'll see. ( See what they do to good women? ) Exhale, your man will come.
    Amor con amor se paga!


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      what do men want

      Well Carnita, I tell you one thing. I know that today in our times, we just worry about so many things that we should not worry about. I read that you say that you are nice looking, and can not find Mr. right. I am a nice guy who can't find the right woman. I think city latina's, unless they were raised the right way, will always be suckers for the non working non educated latino's. All i can say to that is when you are 40 and you got no life, and no future, no man, and no child support, then they understand. Love is no game, and a man and woman should take a while to get to know each other.I have a daughter from my past relationship,and it has been hard to find the right lady to be with. Because of her I have to be with a good woman, and because of that reason I don't go out with women who don't speak properly, cause i have been running into the ghetto girls, and all they know how to do is say yo, and wwasssuppp! I couldn't even kiss a woman that talked like that, cause I think i would be kissing posion ivy. So it goes both ways, and unless you make $80,000 and drive a lexus, the so called nice girls are never to be had for. Not everyone though can find somebody, so I guess it is fate, but I find many Puertorican men taking south American women, and I tell you it is going to get worse unless the latino's in this country don't get good educations, we will see street people as the most in our tree's of all families. I wish at my age 34, that I could just find ms.right, marry have a couple of babies, and live happy with her, but there is so much hype out there, it may never happen for me, cause unless a person brings their heart to the table, it will never work. It takes two, and some people never get it. email if you want to respond, and maybe we can get to know more about each other. i could always have another friend to write too.


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        I was there too!

        Hi Carnita, I was stationed in Germany back in 1989, and served in Hanau. I was in Fleigerhorst Kaserne. I also went to war in the gulf, from germany, and it is always going to be a part of me that i will never forget. Tell me where you are at, and email me at, so I can acess it at my job ok. tell me more about you. I would love to have a nice woman one day to live with and start a family one day. Just that the big issue is finding a good decent woman first would be important, you know what I mean?I will send you my pic ok, just email me back at that address, and this one too if you want to, bye Freddy Let's be friend's!


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          men want to be happy...

          i think the whole men meeting women/women meeting men thing has to do with timing...that's all it ( anybody )just have find the person who is at the same "spot" in life when you are there...think about it...i'll agree that men put a lil ( just a lil ) more emphasis on sex than women do, but ask many men and they'll tell you, there's nothing better than waking up all snuggled up next to the one person who means so much to's just a good feeling and guys want that too...guys want to be pampered, but then again, it'll make us just as happy to pamper our lady...a lot of women say that guys are confused, most guys are not confused, if you could look into their brain, you would see clear-cut paths to goals, it might look as if he's confused because maybe he just wants to have his cake and eat it too...on the outside it might look like he's confused, telling you one thing now and saying something else later...women just have to have good timing in meeting men, and the only way to get good timing is to cross your fingers!!! ( men and women ) i'm still crossing mine!!!
          sincerely, boricuafrican


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            Well I luv my guy. Men aren't soo complex when your w/ one. You get to understand what they go through and what they think. Maybe some are complex but it takes the right woman to find his weak spot. Adios
            Latina de Fajardo