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Why can't men accept when it's over?

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  • Why can't men accept when it's over?

    Why is it that when we women decide to end a relationship, for whatever reason, men won't except it?

    They feel we are acting irrational, not clear, are confused, or we are lonely, (that we say that cause we need sex) or we're making it up, or some other stupid reason (according to some). Also some say you're this or that, and they're the one that messed up in the first place. ok

    What about when the relationship is lacking trust, understanding, or there is cheating on the mans side, or intimacy isn't the same as before, or both just drifted apart, but one or the other is content with it and the other isn't.

    Why do we commit to the man, and the man can't commit to us? So why can't they accept when it's finished, and that we want something new and better, than before.

    Why don't they accept when it's over, it's over. Why can't they just let us go and move on? Why???

    Why do they think that by calling names or phoning it only makes us more determined to move on. Why bother??


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    Men usually tend to think with the other head instead of the one on their shoulders. There are some men who are mature enough to accept the end of the relationship. Some, don't like to admit they were a failure.


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      not all men are the same!

      I can't speak for nay other men, but sa for me I will tell you that I am very out spoken and when I notice that the sparks are no longer there in my relationships I bring it up and let her know that we are not exactly batting like last season. If we could work things out then gravy but if we can't then we just go aur seperate ways, it is easier to walk away from a bad relationship while a man and a woman can still save the friendship that started the romance, because after all before you get intemate you have to be friends with somebody. So in my humble opinion the only men that reacts that way are just inmature.



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        Why can't men accept when it's over

        Thanks for your opinion, You're right - Not all men are the same.

        Some are even worse!


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          lily how about this for your comment. i was dating a girl way back in da dayz when I was stationed in P.R. and this girla told me she wanted to give her ex boyfriend a second chance, and i really like this girl right I even gave her advise on how to make things work with her ex boyfriend rigth so she did and this kid play her again after that she came crying back to me for me to forgive her and take her back i told her this words " I have nothing to forgive you about but as for going back it's inpossible because you already had your chance with me and didn't appreciated it now it's somebody else turn" She flipped but I remain calm just because I gave her a second chance with her ex boyfriend didn't mean she will get a second chance with me. So what do you have to say about that???


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            Dear Crazeerican

            You did what any normal person would do, sacrifice the love and feelings you had for her to have a second chance at love with the one who did her wrong, she didn't learn the first time. Once a player always a player.

            Hey thanks for the email, will keep in touch.

            PS I can be your mom.


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              Not all men are like that, some are better than that. I mean I understand what you are saying because not all men are willing to accept the closure of relationshiop. I can also say that we women do the same. Alot of times we are the ones that can't seem to accept the closure. So in my opinion I think we can all fall into that state. It all depends on who is the one making the decision of the ending of the relationship, unless it is a mutual breakup.

              As for CrazeeRican, you seem as a nice man. Come on Lily give Crazee a break he was just responding to your question...LOL

              Much Love,


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                In most relationships whether it is the man or the woman breaking up, it does not matter, some people react the same way. Not all people have a sense of pride that will not let them beg or plead for a reconciliation. I feel that once you make a mistake, that is it, a point of no return. It is my feelings, not everyone is the same. If someone hurts me, I will walk away. Many times, when we decide to break up a relationship, that relationship is at the point of no return. Women do think things over, a little more than men.

                I agree with crazeerican, if I am in a relationship and that person wants to return to their ex; to me that is the end of the relationship. I will not take that person back ever. They have lost my respect and will eventually lose my love and I would feel that if I took them back, it would be a matter of time before they would find someone else again. Why sit around and be a punching bag for anyone. It is better to walk away, even if we are hurt, than to stand around and wait to see how long before that person if ever will decide to be faithful to you.

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                  Girls girls Please!

                  What I told Crazee, is for him. And if you looked a little better you could see my response to him, and as far as the mom part, well I could be old enough to be his mom, OK?

                  Thank You


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                    Lily I value very much you statement, about being too proud! but about being my mom it is possible if you are old enough to have a 30y/o son!


                    Good lookin' PRtaina!!



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                      You're welcome Crazee and welcome to the forum. Hopefully you'll stick around and join other discussions as well.


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                        Honey you'd be surprised if I said yes, but YES it IS possible!