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  • Who is in the wrong

    I have been with this guy for almost 2 years, my kids have always been a subject of discussion, I am a single Mom & my kids are my life, of course I have made lots of mistakes in raising them, but to me they are perfect & their imperfections are small enough that I choose not to make a big issue of them, I deal with them but don't make it the end of the world. This guy is very old school, where kids should be seen & not heard, that they do not have a right to their own opinions & choices, I on the other hand don't agree with that... I believe that children are molding into adulthood & that they need to be heard & respected.... I don't let my kids disrespect me or any adults, but one is 9 & is just begining to test his waters & the other is 14 and damn that is a tough age, I worry about teenage pregnancy & he worries about the music being to loud. We lived together for a short period because he was offered a job in Maryland & he went for it... Now he wants me to up and follow him, but My kids are still an issue, because I'm afraid that once in his territory he'll just try to father them... they have one dad & one mom. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF THIS!!!!!! one last thing this GUY is Military, Law inforcement & now Goverment!!!!!! Polished & very strict.
    HELP !!!!!!!