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Black people deserve reparations.

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    Did you receive my e-mails? Thanks.

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      Hi Ecuajey

      I was away for a little over a week and did not have internet access. I will review your email and help you as best I can.


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        Originally posted by Leticia_g
        I was away for a little over a week and did not have internet access. I will review your email and help you as best I can.
        Thank you very much.


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          A first step must be made.

          I agree with you RAN. No money amount can compensate for the horror that Africans experienced during the slave trade. You are right, it would be selling out to put a price on our suffering, because you can't. If you look at Israel, they have been adequately compensated for their suffering. Reparations along those same lines would somewhat alleviate the effect that slavery has had on the Black man and woman. NJ7070, there are many who are responsible, besides white people. There are Arabs, Africans, and other parties that were involved. Pope Leo X legalized the slave trade, so the Catholic Church is to blame. This is a movement to get us on the right step. I wouldn't qualify for a check. My descendants rose up and killed their spanish slave master. Thus that is why my family is one of the very few families that still has the original African last name, Falu. Falu originates from Senegal. Last year, my family members from Puerto Rico went to Senegal and met up with Falu family members there. I wish I could have went because that it really deep. Being that the implications are so massive, there needs to be a starting point. Fausta is implicating that we just need to move on. That is very hard to do considering the conditions that Black people are in. Yes, the NOI does practice self-reliance, but we also believe in reparations as a means of being compensated from our experience. We prefer land rather than money. A separate territory of our own. I can go on forever. But I thank you for your respectable questions and views.

          your brother and servant,

          Hector Falu-Muhammad


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            I hate to go back to my initial statement, but it all comes down to gimme, gimme, gimme. Stop trying to lay a guilt trip on everyone by using the hardship of a people you don't even know. Until the issue of 'REPARATIONS' was mentioned no one even cared. The great Dr.Martin Luther King had a dream, but I can assure you his dream was not for the black people to stretch their hand begging for a hand out. With all due respect to those that feel reparations are a necessity, it is moraly wrong. I am Puertorican and very proud of it. By definition we are a mixture of races and I like it very much.

            On the issue of reparations, are there any slaves in the U.S. at this time. Those slaves were brought to the Americas as slaves. What makes you think that the United States should foot the bill? What about the rest of the countries that comprise the Americas. If reparations should me made then let's not exclude any country in the Americas or in any part of the world for that matter.

            Falu you keep on writing about the Jewish people. Well they were in bondage for a pretty long time and when they were freed they only had with them what they could carry. I believe that if a person is born in this country, he or she should remember their country of origin. THAT BEING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Not Africa or Israel or China but the good ole U.S.A. But if anyone feels that this country is not for them, by all means take the next boat and leave.

            REPARATIONS AND MALARKI are one and the same. By the way if there is anyone who was a slave and would like be compensated for services rendered, let them come forward and stake their claim. If you are not, nor have you been a slave. Then the sole purpose of your claim is for financial gain and nothing else.

            A crazy thought just came to mind. What if the slave owners decided that they needed to be compensated for the time they fed, clothe and sheltered their slaves. Before anyone gets into the reparation band wagon, THINK ABOUT THE RAMIFICATIONS.


            Boricua En Arizona :cool


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              Attn: MinfaluMuhammad

              Just to 'stay on topic'somewhat- I still don't think reparations should be given out...etc etc.

              Falu, As for those links concerning the 'holocaust' are concerned I have them listed at the end of this reply. I'm not sure if you have seen them before, but here they are. There is a lot of information. I'll briefly describe what's in each link just so that you click on the one that interests you more.

              This particular informational site is entitled "Did 6 million really die?"
              It contains info on::: the gas chambers, propaganda, and a whole lot more.

              When you are logged on to this site. Click on the word "Leaflets"...that will direct you to a lot more links.
              There are separate essays about:
              the powerful jewish lobby,
              gas chambers,
              Auschwitz myths and facts,
              the liberation of the camps,
              'holocaust denial',
              jewish soap myth,
              and more.

              And here is some information on Palestinians (I've some of your posts mention that issue as well) Here's that link::



              I Hope at least some of this information is new and refreshing to you, Falu.

              Happy Reading,
              Any day now...


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                O.k., keep in mind not all black people are in support of this issue. You should know better than to generalize. No you didn't say all, but you said black people which implies all.

                Anyway, I agree with many of the post here. Good points. I, as a black man, see a slippery slope as many of you do. How do you decide who gets what with all of the not only African, but African-American blood running through so many peoples veins. There are white people in this country that have black blood in them. I think an apology would begin the healing not money.

                Originally posted by loki_girl
                Am I the only person that thinks this whole reparations issue is a big joke?

                First off, I think it's pretty sad that black people are supporting this. Aren't they insulted that the government is determining their self- worth with a monetary sign$$?

                It doesn't make ANY sense at all. Why should one generation literally PAY for the mistakes of another. Plus, what about people like Derek Jeter? He's half black and white. Does that mean his Mother has to pay his father reparations? What about Oprah Winfrey- She's full of money, why should working class people pay her reparations? Should a person that migrated to America in the 1960's or 1970's pay reparations?

                Yeah slavery was bad and it's difficult to accept that part of history. But now that we are in an ECONOMIC SLUMP and recession, it's ridiculous why this issue is being brought up NOW.

                Only in America does this happen. Do you see Afro- Brazilians asking their government for money? No.


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                  Re: Hector my brother and servant!

                  Originally posted by Fausta
                  If I promote slavery and hatred, I would assume that would include you and anyone else that thinks the reparations is a good thing. You only believe in racism in reverse. I am far from a racist, and believe that nothing will bring back your, mine and their freedom, but love, understanding and the ability to know the past and not repeat it. By the way I am very proud of my African-American couter parts, I just don't think they feel the same about me.


                  I agree that Min. Muhammed believes in racism in reverse. I am glad you are proud of your African American counter parts, and all of your genetic makeup. I am really sorry to hear that you feel that you are not accepted by blacks. Maybe it is a skin tone thing more so than a thing about you, I assume, being Puerto Rican. I think every culture has this issue to some degree.


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                    I think people should accept that the United States of America has a long and bloody history towards a whole bunch of different folks all through its past. This country had Chinese railroad workers treated like dogs....thus the saying "he has a Chinaman's chance". I think immigrants during the end of the 19th century and during the turn of the 20th century got a raw deal...working with no labor unions, no days of rest constant dangerous conditions and being oppressed in fire trap tenement rundown rat infested apartments with no labor rights at all.

                    I could go on and on. The whole history of the USA if seen through the eyes of working class and no money folks sucks the big lemon in bad government, corruption and brutality and classism. The problem is that part of USA history is buried in the public school system and no one examines many issues of inequality of all sorts in depth at all in this country. People prefer to believe a bunch of myths that when you test it for viability has very little backing or none in reality. If one wants to win a court case against a powerful and wealthy corporation one had better have very DEEP POCKETS or you will find yourself slam dunked in court with no justice to be had.

                    I think we should try to cooperate as working people and demand justice in areas we desperately need: such as health care, affordable housing, affordable day care, educational opportunity for all, and training and job security and environmental protection standards and supporting worthwhile endeavors like the arts, sciences and research...guns, banks, greedy folk and monopolies and exploitative practices and ripoff schemes a la Enron and such should be discouraged at all costs at home and especially abroad as well. And no intervening in places that have public movements trying to improve their people's lot in life as well.

                    Unfortunately injustice is everywhere when you really look hard.



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                      Focus, Focus, Focus.....

                      If there is one reason why we as a people have not made more progress in this world is because of our inability to stay focus on the task at hand. With all due respect to all participants on this forum, I believe that the topic "IS" "REPARATIONS TO BLACKS". True, there are other topics that are worth of discussion and to be part of an open forum such as this. But it most definetely takes away from the original topic if we insist in bringing our own private agenda to a discussion. I realize it takes a lot of effort to stay focus, but for ouw own sake we best learn that lesson and apply it. So having said that, let me suggest that if you feel you have a topic worth being expanded upon, do by all means open a thread and let's get to it. But please do not try to stir the discussion in a different way on which it was orignally intended.


                      Boricua En Arizona :cool


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                        Hola Boricua!

                        It has been a while, I hope things are fine by you.

                        On this subject or rather on your posting, haven't you ever been to a party where someone says one thing and by the time it comes back to you, it is totally different. That is the way things occur in this forum. Right or wrong people switch back and forth on the subject. Relax and enjoy the ride!

                        Con cariņo


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                          Enjoying the ride...

                          Thanks for your kind words. While in the subject of kind words, I must be from a different planet for I like to debate on a "specific" subject. It is very hard at times to make heads or tails out of what is being discussed solely because of what I outlined on my previous entry. All in all I still think that reparations in any form is nothing but a hand out or it is seeked solely for personal gain.


                          Boricua En Arizona :cool


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                            No you aren't from another planet, it just seems the norm in the forum. It is easier to follow a subject and debate it extensively while it stays on the main theme. It seems people always divert it for whatever reason.

                            I feel reparation is for personal gain also. No one does or demands reparation no matter how miniscule without thinking what is in it for them.

                            Regards to you again!