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  • Between Two Worlds!

    Between Two Worlds

    I lived between two worlds
    Never wanted to look back
    You didn't know who you could trust
    That was a fact

    You often wonder, what or who you were
    Only because you didn't fit in
    In the mold you were placed,
    To some, I was American yet to others I was not

    For they only classified me, a minority from the lot
    I knew I had to work double to be,
    Any success in this community, can’t you see?
    For the weak never stood tall,

    They were the first that would fall.
    Fail was a word I couldn't accept
    For my ancestors made me see, what
    keeping your culture, tells or allows you to do

    Things that your parents would not have a clue
    Was not meant for me or my blood to be
    Yet deep inside, you knew what you must become
    Because your upbringing said it was a fact

    Family…unity…love… for our land
    Was something I learned even when I couldn't stand
    the opposite of all that was surrounding me
    Wanting to fit in and wanting to be

    Trying to grasp the identity I was born
    Even if they told me it wasn't norm
    At times my own would outcast me
    Just because I spoke a little different…you see!

    Deep inside I knew what I was
    My blood kept me focus on all of that
    Never letting myself be knock down by them
    Making me stronger every day

    For even if you live between two worlds
    You have to stay focus on what is at stall
    Though difficult the road you have been placed
    Turn it inside out and work with it with haste

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    Great poem!


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      Thanks for your comment.


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        VERY GOOD ONE!!!!




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          i know how it feels to live in 2 worlds. coming from the isla to the states, it was hard trying to fit in and trying to stay true to myself, i love the poem, it helped me remember something i lost along time time ago........but now i live in another of 2 worlds, being in the military you see things the total opposite of when you where a civilian....but thats another story....lo que estoy tratando de decir es BRAVO , el poema es bien bonito.

          tu amigo leonel


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            Thank you for your comments on my poem.


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              Thank you for the nice comments you made towards my poem. Truly understanding the meaning of the poem is at times hard. Many can't capture it only because they haven't lived it.

              Military life is another world also, I can understand the challenge you are encountering.


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                Originally posted by Leticia_g
                Truly understanding the meaning of the poem is at times hard. Many can't capture it only because they haven't lived it.
                You are very right. Those who dare to ignore the feelings and reality of the Puerto Rican Diaspora, are those who are outsiders and don't want to even try to understand us.


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                  You are right. I have a person in univision that wrote criticizing the poem because as a Puerto Rican she did not feel those experience. Good for her, but I am speaking for the majority not the few that don't.

                  Life goes on, next chapter!


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                    Leticia, I have truly enjoyed reading your poems and this one is just beautiful. You are very gifted and have given us so much by sharing your poetry with us. Thank you!

                    Ecuayey I see what you mean about the Puertorican Diaspora. You are right.


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                      Re: Poem

                      Originally posted by R2D22002
                      Ecuayey I see what you mean about the Puertorican Diaspora. You are right.
                      Thanks. Thankfully, you are not an outsider. Your are someone trying to understand us. We are all Puerto Rican, but Nuyoricans, Chicagoricans...etc are different in that we had to struggle to be Puerto Rican. To surround ourselves with Puerto Rican culture. It's becoming like that now on the island as pro-statehood politicans fight to assimilate the islanders. Take care.


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                        as it goes, the way this world is turning people are loving the puerto rican race more and more. who knows it might be the food or maybe cuz they misjudge us for so long. but the good thing being is that maybe in the near future people of all nationalities won't have to deal w/ that barrier from the present and past. leticia you are very gifted.



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                          Thank you so much! You flatter me too much. I do enjoy writing it has become my escape into a different world.
                          Thank again, I truly enjoy your friendship.

                          Con cariño!


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                            You are correct in acknowledging the fact that "they" are liking Puerto Ricans more these days. I saw a vast change from when I was raised in the City to when I was raising my daughters. My daughters are ten years apart. My oldest daughter experienced being prejudiced upon or stereotype much more than my youngest. Maybe because my oldest is quiet, she took it hard, my youngest is a spit fire and she takes things in stride, I don't think anyone would just say something to her and not receive a retort. All in all, change is good especially if it goes to the positive. We have come a long way and our journey is just half way there.

                            Much Respect always!


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                              Ecuayey, of course I am not an outsider. I am the Puertorican mother of 4 adult nuyoricans who like you and many others, have experienced what you have. I was born and raised in P.R. but my husband was born in P.R. and raised in New York City.I have seen a lot of changes in the years I live in N.Y. Mostly positive.

                              Leonel, you are right, people are accepting our culture more now than ever. I believe it's the younger generations that are more open to change. But there's a long way to go. I still see discrimination going on and it may take a long time for that to change.