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  • The Garden

    The Garden

    He planted the garden with all the care in the world
    Made sure he handled all the tasks to make it grow
    Gently plowing and treating the soil
    Never thinking of what was in store

    He stood back proudly, for the work was complete
    Watch it growing, saw it seep
    It became the best garden,
    One many envied for, however...

    Life took a twist but not because of fate
    It was his wishes to look the other way
    His garden was lacking his tender care
    He didnít notice because he wasnít there

    Away from his garden, not tending itsí place
    Always pretending, it would remain the same
    The garden wanted and needed his love
    For it knew, that weeds were taking over itsí lot

    Sad as it seems, he never looked back,
    Always thinking, his garden will exist with no care or love!
    The garden was dieing very slowly it seemed
    Yet it was holding, to its' dream

    The dream that her gardener would realize at once
    That the garden he planted
    Canít continue growing without giving it,
    the attention it lacks!

    Come and tend to your garden!

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    There are many gardens like that...

    Thank you Leticia for another beautiful poem.
    There are many gardens that will start so beautifully because the gardener will plant a variety of many beautiful flowers. But at times te gardener will neglect the care it takes to keep it alive. Allowing the flowers to slowly die from the need of the loving care the gardener started to give. Eventually the weeds will take over slowly choking the almost wilted flowers. Using this as a metaphore it is a very good way to describe how coldness and indifference can eventually brake the human spirit.


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      Thank you for your comments. I see you understand my point. Many people tell you how you should keep trying but how can anyone keep trying when they receive no reinforcements. Nothing last for ever if no one is there to nourish it, not unless you are a glutton for punishment.

      Con cariŮo!

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