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Time to realize our potential

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  • Time to realize our potential

    All Puerto Ricans regardless of where they live on this planet Earth should realize that it is time to voice our concerns to the world at large.

    We have been "associated" with the United States since they invaded our island right after Spain ceded the island in 1898. Actually, I read that Puerto Rico was already independent from Spain at that time.

    At the present time the beautiful island of Vieques is being bombarded by the United States Navy(Dummy bombs can also kill). As we all know a citizen of the United States was killed due to live bombing.

    Since Puerto Ricans don't have representation in Congress(
    just like the colonists in this country before the Revolutionary World)Puerto Ricans are at the mercy of the Federal Government. In other words, whatever they decide is good for Puerto Rico, is what we get. Apparently, killing of innocent civilians and destruction of our environment is OK for the Congress of the U.S.

    It is time for all Puerto Ricans to voice their concerns to their Congressmen, whether in Puerto Rico or the U.S.

    We must not continue to be "second class" citizens.

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    From The Mainland

    Please know that I do not support the bombing of vieques, or the bombing of an island that has people on it. I hope that congress does hear the voices of Puerto Rico and the bombing stops. Let's hope that Pres. Bush hears you too and keeps his promise in 2003. Hope his ears aren't full of wax.LOL

    Paz para Vieques y Paz para tu!


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      I agree with you 100%!