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    The spider works diligently on his web
    In hope, some day he will capture his prey
    Slowly and carefully placing all the strings
    in places, he knows will not be seen.

    He deals his prey the best bait he can.
    Knowing its’ weakness, hoping it may fail to see, its’ fate!
    Camouflaging all the places he knows,
    the poor defenseless soul will move really slow!

    This soul is in need of some tenderness and time,
    however, the spider has only one thing in mind!
    In his web, he plans his scheme!
    Always, not caring of the poor soul’s dreams!

    The soul sees the web from a distance,
    knowingly, approaches without resistance!
    Why is she walking into this Web?
    When in it, she’ll fall into the fate of the net!

    Will the spider devour her, she says?
    Or will he just keep her for his mate?
    No one knows the intentions of this spider!
    However, with a twist of fate, the soul may approach it with fire!

    This fire will burn any spider’s heart,
    if the soul decides that it will part,
    before she approaches the trap set for her,
    she will make sure, nothing will occur!

    [Edited by Leticia_g on 29th August 2002 at 23:28]

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    Oooo, I like this poem!


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      Leticia, you have no idea how much I love this poem! Thank you for posting it for us to enjoy. You go girl!!


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        Thank you like always for visiting and commenting on my poems.

        con cariño


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          Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. This poem believe it or not was written a year ago. I wrote it because I heard about things like this occuring on the web and decided to write a poem giving it a little different meaning. Isn't it ironic about this poems...?