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  • A brief note about my signature

    I am and have been a Bowie fan from the days of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. His newest CD is the best in years and I was inspired by it while I drove to my office.

    Sorry if the CD cover disturbs some of you but I thought that I would pitch it as one of the better rock releases this year.

    My intent for the signature space was to continually upgrade it to mostly educate but also to throw in some chuckles. However, I am not all sunshine, lollipops, and trilobites. I can be complex, dark, and brooding on occasion. That comes with the territory of being me and I have come to embrace these faults along with my more positive attributes.

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    One final point on this issue:

    It almost seems an obsession in the current culture about being "real", "down-to-earth", and "genuine." Certainly, these concepts have there place. However, they take a toll on the imagination. Sure, one can celebrate an artist for "being real" with new top 40 fluff. "Keeping-it-real" is almost a mantra in some "new school" rap and soul songs. But after a while "keeping-it-real" becomes indistinguishable from "keeping-it-trite, boring, and simple."

    Lost is the imagination wrought by artifice. Artists like David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins (from Parliament/Funkadelic) and even Prince are not about "keeping-it-real" but rather "using-one's-brain." For that, they will always have my respect.

    Have a good labor day weekend, everyone. I am heading to Ocean City with some friends.


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      I am not bothered at all by the length or content of your signature. To criticize you or make "suggestions" with regard to any aspect of your signature, is a waste of time and energy. Not to mention that it reeks of anal retention. Going forward do as you see fit.