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M East Conflict Touches Puerto Ricans For First Time

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  • M East Conflict Touches Puerto Ricans For First Time

    The following article was published in El Nuevo Día, May 30, 1972. Translated by José Néstor.

    Terror and Death in Tel Aviv

    "The trip began with kisses, happiness, party and the routine scene of hugs, good byes, and more hugs; and ended in waves of machine gun fire, grenades, confusion and death. This was the sad fate of 16 Puerto Ricans belonging to a group of pilgrims from Vega Baja that traveled to Israel to visit the Holy Land.

    As they decended from the airplane at the Lod Airport in Israel, three Japanese terrorists, members of the Red Brigade Army, opened fire with sub-machine guns and grenades against the passengers killing 25 people and wounding another 70.

    After the vicious attack, one of the terrorists committed suicide by exploding a grenade. A second gunman was captured and the third escaped. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in a declaration presented in Beirut, Lebanon, claimed responsibility for the shooting.

    The remains were transported to the island on an Air Force airplane at the request from Governor Luis A. Ferré to President Spiro T. Agnew.

    Until then, the Middle East conflict was a remote event ignored by most Puerto Ricans."

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    not entirely true, this war has hit the heart of everyone,,,in a way i can see where the article is going but theres plenty of ricans here on the ground of aghanistan,,,this shindig hit a long time ago



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      The article was published 30 years ago in 1972. You might have been confused by the last sentence: "Until then..." That sentence was also written 30 years ago.

      One more point of clarification, the reason the terrorists were Japanese is because in those days there was a quid pro quo pact between terrorists organizations in different parts of the World. The Japanese Red Brigade Army did this job for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

      The Popular Front was led by a man named Haddad. This man remained a most wanted man in Lebanon his entire life. He actually died of natural causes many years later. No one knew what he looked like until the time of his death.