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  • I have a question

    Why is it that ppl, say Asians are identified as Korean,Chinese, Cambodien etc, Latinos, Puerto Rican,Mexican, Dominican and you can tell ppl that is what you are. Like you will say,"I'm puerto Rican". But when it comes to a black person they are just lumped into one catagory, "black", No matter if they are American, Jamaican,Hatian, African, Triniadin,or from Barbados? Why is that? It really doesn't make any sense to me because all 'black pply' don't come from the same place of even speak the same language but we are labled as one name, "black". Someone explain that to me please. Also I am sick and tired of people putting down African Americans like we have some sort of illness or something. I hate that.

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    This is not always true.

    I have friends who are Crucian. This is what they call themselves although everyone thinks they are black. They were born and grew up in the Virgin Islands.



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      Yo I feel ya gangsta

      What's really good. My name is macho. I'm black & spanish(boriqua). I live N NY but was raised out N cali. All my life I had 2 choose if I was black or spanish. & there isn't 2 many boriqua's N cali(& if there were, they had 2 choose if they were gonna run w/mexicans or blacks). I don't look mexican(@ all). So I was automatically thrown N w/blacks. But it was all good. B~cuz I'm black mixed w/spanish. But whenever I went back 2 NY. I was considered spanish all around my neighborhood. It's not a bad thing 2 B black, & I'll never not clain me B~N BLACK. I'll always tell people "Soy moreno y boriqua".
      ta heavy