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    Andrea Rivera Picart (May 12, 1911 - August 31, 2002)

    Words of Remembrance for our grandmother, Andrea

    One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.

    The memory of Mama Andrea will always be with me. Some of my earliest recollections extend to a time when I stayed in Ponce with Mama Andrea at a young age. I remember her kind demeanor, her sense of humor and her fondness for watching "lucha libre" on television. Her sonorous chuckle, open smile and mischievous eyes echo in my mind and heart where they will always remain. As she became ill in her later years, I witnessed many of these attributes erode with heartbreak. However, despite her condition, I could always see the old Mama Andrea beneath the surface. She is now in a better place where she is free from the burdens of this world. We are saddened at her passing but her essense lives in all of us where it will remain. We are thankful for having such a good grandmother as she now leaves us not with sorrow but with love.

    -Edward Colón

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I know how difficult it is to lose a loved one.

    May her memory carry you forever and keep you close to her love.

    Con mucho cariño!


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      My condolences, Edward

      I understand the love of a grandmother. I was blessed with two wonderful, loving grandmothers. Both have passed and yet their love is still with me.

      And now, I too am a grandmother, and I can tell you that your grandmother loved you as much as she loved her very own children.

      God bless you and comfort you in this time of grief and loss.

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        Ran aka DR. Edward Colon

        You are indeed lucky to have such a loving grandmother. She looks like a typical loving boricua abuelita to me. She must have been very proud of her children and of her intelligent, handsome and sweet She was blessed. May she rest in the divine garden forever. Love.

        And Peace be with your entire family.



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          Siento mucho la pérdida de tu abuelita. Yo perdí mi abuelita Juanita en Caguas hace dos meses y comparto tus sentimientos.



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            My condolences... May she rest in peace. --D.


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              Nuestro pensamientos estan contigo y tu familia y se que siempre ella estara en tu presencia hechandote la bendicion desde el mas aya.

              Te mandamos la bendicion a ti y a tu familia y acuerdate que siempre estaremos aqui para el apojo que neccesites en un momento como este.

              Dios te la tiene en el reino de los cielos.

              Tu Amigos,
              NetLee y Flor


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                Leticia_g, Lorelei, Suki, JoseNestor, NegraD, Flor-Negra y Netlee

                Gracias por los sentimientos bellos en este tiempo de tristeza. Me ayudo el apoyo mucho. Salgo mañana temprano a Ponce y vuelvo el jueves.

                Adios amigos y amigas. Estan en mi piensamentos.


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                  I know you don't beleive in God-- but I will lift you up in my prayers. You and your family have my condolences.You take care-be strong--and have a safe trip. My heart goes with you.


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                    My condolences to you and yours

                    Ran, I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. Grandmothers leave behind many wonderful memories for us to cherish throught the years. Your Granmother was fortunate to have you for a grandson. You made her proud. I hope my grandchildren will make me as proud some day. Have a safe trip, I will mis you. May God give you and your family his love, peace and comfort.