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Easier to deal with Racism than Religious Fanatism

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  • Easier to deal with Racism than Religious Fanatism

    Religious fanatisms from within all religions (Christian, Muslim, Jewish) has taken us to where we are today. To some extent right-wing and racist extremists have contributed also.

    If someone asked me to change the mind of a violent religious fanatic or a racist separatist, I would have a better chance of success with the racist. This is why:

    To make a person stop being a racist all I have to do is to fight his or her ignorance. I can educate the racist into someone who can objectively rationalize his actions.

    To stop a person from being a religious nut, I have to fight God in his/her eyes. I would say in most cases this would be a losing battle, since logic and common sense have no value when it comes to extremism and God.


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    Interesting, Joey, lets see history...

    [b][i]60 years ago hundreds of thousands swore to sacrifice their lives to their god, and two A-Bombs later, all their fanatism went up in smoke.

    Oh, well, I guess fanatism does have limits .


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      Interesting Manolin,

      that you of all people recognize fanatism has limits; even if they involve the extermination of the fanatic. It seems your solution example is pretty extreme as well. Don't you think?

      Anyhow, you still missed the point of my post.



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        Joey, sweetheart, I did not say exterminate the fanatics.

        [i]In Japan there were undoubtedly millions who swore to become KAMEKAZI's, of which only a few tens of thousands did follow through. However, of all the millions of kamekazis, when Hiroshima and Nagasaki blew up, most gave up . And you should know that the Japanese are very FATALIST...

        You see, fanatism has a "PRACTICALITY" barrier built in to our own individual psyche
        (call it "survival instinct" or something else)[b]. That is why even if there were a million "Jim Jones" in the world, only a few would follow each until their doom.