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  • ???????

    I have something that's been bothering me since last week maybe somebody can help me with an answer.well here's the story,I am puerto rican and proud of it,I have a p/r flag on my car showing my pride that I am p/r.Ok now, my wife and I was in fontana calif, just finished eating,my wife wanted to buy some lotto tickets.On the way to the store we stopped at a signal,a small pick up truck on passing us yelled out "f_ _ _ puerto rico",now I did not hear this person well so I asked the guy next to us what he had said this guy really did't know what to say {he had a look on his face like should I say it or not}he looked at my car seen the p/r flag and said I'm just repeating what he said ok,I told him cool what? he said the other driver said f_ _ _ puerto rico,I did't think I lost my head I made a quick u-turn in the middle of an intersection,my wife did't know what to say she knew I had lost it,what she was worrying about was what I was planning to do.I finally found this guy he was at a store about a block up the street,I pulled in to the driveway got out my car the guy that yelled at me seen me came up to and repeated what he said,but this time he said it half english and half spanish I picked up from where he was from quickly,but what bothered me was why from them,the man came out and said he was cuban,and again said that magic word that all I wanted to do was to bust all his teeth out and I would have only one thing saved him,like most people that talk alot of trash and don't know how to back their trash up would do is say hit me and I'll call the police,that's why I did nothing to this guy,I looked at him and said your a piece of trash for a cuban,I can't believe you said that about p/r'-said acouple of other choice word's but I would perfer not to say them.but my concern is why would this racism-anger-hell I don't know how to put it but I've never had this kind of problem from a cuban. my question here, is there any conflict's between puerto rico and cuban people?

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    Oh boy, if I heard someone say that to me!

    Anyway, such ignorance should be corrected. Not through physical force, (Unless the person is really ignorant and forceful.) but through intellect. Now, I'm not being Mr. pacifist here, "let's all sit under a tree and meditate." I'm serious. You should've told him, "Oye, Puerto Rico y Cuba son de un pajaro las dos alas. Reciben flores y balas en un mismo corazón. We're a people with a common language, similar ascent, food, music and ethnicity. Why f**k Puerto Rico? We're your brothers." I don't know what his answer would've been, but what you should've said would be the truth, and when you have the historical, cultural and political truth on your side, such ignorance is easily turned into wisdom. Or at least you'll know that your better than that, you respect other people and believe in human unity. Take care and always be proud of your puertorriqueñidad!


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      Re: Wow....

      Redhook, did this happen to you recently, or let's say within the last 6 months as a minimum?

      If it did, it might be related to the Puerto Rican lady who spied for Cuba, while in the employ of the U.S. gov't. You know that she was sentenced to 20 years in prison just a day or so ago, or in "those days".

      Perhaps, the Cuban was one that has a vicious refugee complex engendered by the many years the refugees have been ousted from the place where they were born.

      Now, this one might be venting by attacking Puerto Rico, because of the incident of espionage currently adjudicated. Who knows? But there is a high probability that it might be that. If you remember many years ago, such Cuban refugees were suspected of having been part of the death squad in Puerto Rico that was responsible for the murder of the son of Juan Mari Bras, an avowed Puerto Rican Communist, who was also a close friend of Castro. But since the assassins were never caught, the Puertorriquenos continued being nonchalant with the Cuban refugees in P.R.,(even with those Cubiche businessmen who were trying to eat their lunches!). However, times change, and the old feelings of "son dos alas de un pajaro" no longer has the impact it once did.

      Soy Puertorrique/no y punto.


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        Hello some of my Favorite people in the world!!

        Hello Ecuajey, and Eddier1 and Redhook,
        Redhook I wonder why such ignorance and hatred completely unprovoked happens in the first place? Idiot person maybe? And maybe does not care who he offends thinking that driving off will save him? That Cuban is an idiot in my opinion.

        Ecuajey, how are you? And I am very happy to read Eddier1's opinions again. It makes me happy.



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          Originally posted by Suki
          Ecuajey, how are you?
          I'm fine, but busy, sick and tired. What about you, lol?