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What are the things that make you angry?

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  • What are the things that make you angry?

    And more importantly WHY do they make you angry?

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    Welcome back Suki!

    I hate to kill your thread after your return, but I must give a warning, lol. Beware forum members, whatever you write on this thread might be used against you by the malicious and psychotic of the forum for their perverse pleasure.


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      The psychotic and malicious heh? I guess they are the ones who need to rant the most. Lol.

      Why do certain things make people irate? It is a perfectly good psychological analysis question. Some injustice makes people angry. Others greed. Others disrespect. Others lack of control. Others being vulnerable makes them angry. Everyone gets angry once in a while. How people cope with the anger and how they choose to express it is the real definition of a person's character no crees?


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        What makes me angry is, Gringo's thinking that all latinos are Mexican....Where I live there arent to may PR, so they all think us PR are Mexican, since its Mexican heaven here.



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          What makes me angry?

          Although it takes a lot for me to say that I hate someone or even get angry. I would have to go with one thing. Being in love with someone and you thinking that they are in love with you only to find out that it was all a game. Basically, people that play games with the heart. The only thing that can repare is someone who loves you for real. I have found that love twice(first with Jesus and again with the love of my life)You couldn't ask for a greater gift...
          Your name of Malaki gives you the ability to understand people and to merge conflicting viewpoints to create harmony in association. You dislike facing issues or witnessing hurt feelings. You make friends easily but must guard against becoming involved in the affairs of others or being too easily led. You could do well working with the public giving advice, where you can use your skills in diplomacy in handling people.


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            What makes me angry is, when someone who has power and control starts thinking that he/she is the master of the universe. When Americans pose themselves as the greatest nation, just because they have influence and military might, it makes me mad. Because I think that if you are powerful you should not demean others, who ain't as lucky as you are. On the conterary you should help those who need your help, without expecting anything in return. I understand that moral principals have nothing to do with politics and that they only apply to everyday human life......So I think that we should keep our lives clear of politics.


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              What makes me angry is ignorant people. They make me angry because they sadly don't know their own stupidity and ignorance. What is even sadder, they don't try to educate themselves about the world and people even when it's recommended to them. They are lost souls.


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                Re: Suki

                Originally posted by Miss_Rican_luv
                What makes me angry is, Gringo's thinking that all latinos are Mexican....Where I live there arent to may PR, so they all think us PR are Mexican, since its Mexican heaven here.


                Hey, hey, hey now!!! I know the difference between a Mexican and Puerto Rican. It's like knowing who is an North American, English, or Australian. You have to go by the accents. But most people aren't that aware of a difference in accents because they don't speak Spanish. I can't believe I am actually going to agree with Ecuajey. But what he said was right. I can't stand people who are ignorant, but when they don't try to change, or educate themselves what can you do. And may I remind you, ingnorance is not a race, color or religion. It makes it's marks everywhere.


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                  I detest the all too human propensity of dividing ourselves along articifially erected lines of race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, etc. I recognize that this problem will be around as long as we focus on the minute differences and ignore the staggering similarities.


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                    [b]What makes me angry is, seeing myself and other hard working human being, busting their butts off while others that are healthy and young live off welfare and and we have to pay the taxes.

                    What makes me angry is, children being abused by parents and pychos,killed, beaten and molested and nothing we can do to stop it.

                    What makes me angry is, seeing my boss sit on his big behind doing nothing, and I have to take the blame while he gets the credit.

                    That is life, all I can do is ignore the crimes, abuse, and be happy, so that I can have a peaceful life.


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                      Originally posted by Fausta
                      I can't believe I am actually going to agree with Ecuajey.
                      Oh my God! First I agreed with X-fAiRy, now this! What is this world coming to? LMAO!