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Abortion is GENOCIDE targeted mostly at Hispanics.

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  • Abortion is GENOCIDE targeted mostly at Hispanics.

    • Most pseudo-
    • independentistas in this mostly Marxist website know at least that most if not all birth control methods were tested first in Puerto Rico by people in both the white Puerto Rican upper class as well as xenophobic Anglo-Americans who were bent into stemming the population growth of Puerto Ricans. Unfortunately they have been partially successful and have thwarted allot of unborn Puerto Ricans with inmense talents from making our ethnicity greater than what it is today.

      But sometimes these enemies of Humanity are caught red-handed like a deer flashed by a car's headlights, and the following evidence is one of those rare cases of GENOCIDE-interruptus, or at least we could make it "INTERRUPTUS" if most Marxists and Feminazis here had a real back-bone instead of merely big-mouths.



    BreakPoint with Charles Colson
    Commentary #030115 - 1/15/2003

    Five years ago, Felipa Cusi, a poor Peruvian woman, went to a free clinic hoping for relief from her flu symptoms. Her "relief" took an unexpected form when she was involuntarily sterilized.

    Cusi, who lived to tell her story, was lucky. At least six other Peruvian women died after being involuntarily sterilized.

    These abuses took place under the auspices of Peruís Family Planning Program. As a report to Peruís congress put it, the program employed "explicitly restrictive and controlling" methods to achieve its goal of lowering Peruís birth rate.

    Thatís putting it mildly. There were sterilization quotas for hospitals and clinics. Health workers were paid between four- and twelve-dollars-a-head to "persuade" women to be sterilizedóa real incentive in a country where the average person earns less than one hundred dollars a month. This led workers to go beyond mere persuasion.

    In addition to their involuntary sterilization of women, health workers employed other techniques to meet quotas and collect bonuses. These included threatening women with starvation. Workers made sterilization a requirement for receiving food assistance. And they werenít bluffing. Emilia Mulatilloís hungry two-year-old daughter was denied food assistance after Mulatillo refused to be sterilized.

    Whatís almost as outrageous as what was done to these women was that our tax dollars helped pay for itótwice. We supported Peruís program directly. And American taxpayers helped fund the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which worked with Peru to implement the program.

    UNFPA denies that it knew what was happening. But Peruvian doctors have testified that United Nations "personnel worked in the health ministry" during the period of the worst abuses.

    In response to a report issued by a House subcommittee, the United States has stopped funding Peruís "family planning program." In addition, this administration is withholding $34 million from UNFPA.

    Not surprisingly, this has drawn the ire of groups like Planned Parenthood. Apparently, its definition of "reproductive freedom" does not include the right to actually have childrenójust destroy them.

    Whatís important to understand is that what happened in Peru isnít an aberration. Itís the inevitable consequence of the worldview that drives most population-control efforts. These efforts view people as the problem and reducing the number of people as the solution to almost everything: economic development, the environment, social and political stability.

    With all of this at stake, itís easy to see why some governments employ coercive means. A disregard for human dignity, human freedom, and human life itself is easier when you think that an "excess" of human beings is the problem. Stated bluntly, "family planning," in the sense that it is practiced by the likes of UNFPA and its American supporters, is at war with creation itself.

    Three cheers for the Bush administration for putting UNFPA in its place. While itís too late for Cusi, itís good to know that our tax dollars are no longer going to support a war against life itselfóa war where poor women are the collateral damage.

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    The Right to Life and the Right

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by El_Jibaro
    [B][b][list][i]Most... "in this mostly Marxist website know at least that most if not all birth control methods were tested first in Puerto Rico by people in both the white Puerto Rican upper class as well as xenophobic Anglo-Americans who were bent into stemming the population growth of Puerto Ricans."

    Dear Jibaro: How nice, we seem to be making progress here...let's see if we can agree on the subject of life, the right to life that is. We must make it perfectly clear, when we speak of right to life we mean "no abortion, no death penalty,(capital punishment) no war"; that my dear friend, is the right to life! Don't you agree?

    (Jibara de clavo pasao, independentista, socialista de hueso colorao and proud!)


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      El Jib is Bedford Forrest, pero el Jibaro es un puertorriqueno de piel canela que se pasa queriendo ser parte del grupo de Trent Lott. He ignores Jim Crow, no ricans graduating with skills in math in science in the USA compared to PR stats....etc. etc. We agree right to life. No war and no death penalty. But Jib is a man who believes in life for babies, after he rakes the 'loose and fast' women over the the compassionate man he is, he has to judge them first and then tell them to keep the babies....he can't be a true Christian and just encourage and support them in keeping the babies. No, he has to play God and judge them. He is so full of contradictions. It is hopeless. How is the proposal coming along Yautia? Are you enthused about it?

      Yautia, I am glad you are feeling feisty this week. Love you. Suki.


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        [QUOTE]Originally posted by Suki
        El Jib is Bedford Forrest, pero el Jibaro es un puertorriqueno de piel canela que se pasa queriendo ser parte del grupo de Trent Lott. He ignores Jim Crow, no ricans graduating with skills in math in science in the USA compared to PR stats....etc. etc. We agree right to life. No war and no death penalty. But Jib is a man who believes in life for babies, after he rakes the 'loose and fast' women over the the compassionate man he is, he has to judge them first and then tell them to keep the babies....he can't be a true Christian and just encourage and support them in keeping the babies. No, he has to play God and judge them. He is so full of contradictions.

        Yautia, I am glad you are feeling feisty this week. Love you. Suki.
        Dear Suki: Here are a few thoughts reflections for the Jib.

        Yes, I am very enthused about a Special Education Proposal for the children of Vieques, and I want the US to Pay 100% of the disabilites caused by the Navy. I am feisty because el Jib does not know what he is talking about and worse, he says Brown was accepted while Roe was not! He is not only not informed he is dreaming with "pajaritos pregnated"

        But, the only way to deal with him is to give him the facts, madam, just the facts!

        Dear Jibaro: How ignorant you are! Brown is dead, or have you not noticed? We are back to Plessy (Separate but unequal). If you don't believe me, look at this example for segregated schools right now in the new Century!

        First: A magnet Montessori School in the first desegregated school district in the nation (with out the help of the National Guard after Brown vs. the Board in 1954):

        Mission Statement: The mission of this school is to enable every child to be academically and socially prepared to be a critical thinking and productive member of society:

        Black 95%
        Hispanic 1%
        White 4%

        Then there is "Dewey Magnet School for Visual and Performing Arts"

        Black 86%
        Hispanic 1%
        White (with free and reduced lunch) 12%
        American Indian 1%

        The mission of this school is to accept each child as an individual and to provide an environment which offers opportunities for success at all ability levels.

        Then again, there is Dunbar Elementary School

        Black 96%
        Hispanic 1%
        White 1%
        American Indian 1%

        Mission statement: It is the mission of Dunbar School to enable each child to learn the required academics, communicate effectively; use appropriate social skills; and become a responsible individual.

        How about Edwards Elementary School?

        Black 95%
        Hispanic 1%
        White 2%
        American Indian 2%

        The mission of Edwards is to prepare all students to achieve academically, to communicate effectively, and to be life-long learners in a global society.

        Poor old Eisenhower Elementary
        Black 88%
        Hispanic 5%
        White 4%
        American Indian 2%
        Asian 1% (Vietnamese)

        The mission of Eisenhower is to produce outstanding individuals for the twenty-first century.

        Garden Oaks Elementary

        Blacks 98%
        Whites 2%

        We, the Garden Oaks family of administrators, teachers, students, and parents, do affirm that all children can learn?(!!!)

        Green Pastures
        Blacks 94%
        Whites 4%
        American Indian 2%

        The Mission is to build responsible and productive citizens of the world.

        King Magnet School for Mass Media

        Black 97%
        Hispanic 1%
        White 2%

        The mission of this school is to ensure a learning environment that emphasizes high standards of conduct and achievement, which will enable our students to become responsible citizens and productive adults.

        All of these schools have been and continue to be total failures but still we do not want to go to "vouchers" and private schools do not want these children.....
        I could go on and on, but these schools are all in trouble and they are getting worse. The problem is your president bushi is talking about leaving no child behind, but he has left Brown behind, these schools are separate and unequal. When you find small white children in these schools, often you find they have parents who are poor or have low paying jobs in that black school (if they are white in a black school).

        So Brown is dead, but let?s talk about the Hispanics, lets talk about 1974 and beyond.

        See Ed Steinem (Lawyer for Lau Vs. Nichols) Supreme Court Ruling on National Origin Desegregation, 1974.

        Here and Now, January 26, 2003 we find the following is true:

        Violations under Lau vs. Nichols:
        Violations under ESEA (Title I, No Child left behind). Note: The truth is your pres. Bushi really meant ?No millionaire left behind?)! Because most children have been left behind!
        Violations under Brown vs. the Board of Ed
        Violations under Strickland
        Violations under Special Education (ADA/IDEA)

        1. Issue Parental Rights and Special Education with relation to Bilingual Students with Special Needs

        I. Parental notification in a language the parent can
        understand: (In our case SPANISH). Most districts in the US today are English only, with very few exceptions, mostly large urban districts.

        Issues related to Identification/Eligibility Under Idea and

        "The legal reality is that if there are effective testing accommodations available to a student who has a mental or physical impairment, then that student is not legally entitled under ADA or Section 504 to these accommodations. Of course little would prevent the world from offering needed accommodations regardless of whether or not a law requires it!"

        "Another area of difficulty for schools is the belief that Section 504 entitles an eligible student with a disability to reasonable accommodations. This mistaken notion was widely taught. It was based on the fact that Section 504 does entitle employees with disabilities (Part B) and higher education students (Part E) to reasonable accommodation. However elementary and secondary school students (Part D), if Section 504-elegible, are actually entitled to an appropriate education which is defined as designed to meet individual educational needs of disabled persons as adequately as the needs of non-disabled are met" (34 CFR 104.33(b)(1)). Additionally, they are entitled to be free from discrimination based solely on disability (34 CFR 104.4(a)). However, the words reasonable accommodation do not appear in or apply to Part D of Section 504 which is the only part that deals with elementary and secondary education, Letter to Zirkel, 20 IDLER 134 (OCR 1993). They meet the needs adequately? standards, (at the state level) undoubtedly requires more, in most cases, than
        reasonable accommodation would have had it been the standard.
        In the case of Vieques, reasonable accommodations must be to give each child the IEP it needs, that includes a lap top, tutors and bilingual, bicognitive education.

        "Major errors and illegalities in identifying students under IDEA occur in three areas. The first is the failure of evaluation teams to recognize the no student may ever be initially found IDEA-eligible without the need for special education having been established. (20 U.S.C. Section 1401 (3)(A)). Once that need has been established special education must, of course, then be delivered. Special education is defined as specially designed instruction
        to meet the unique needs of that child (20 U.S.C. Section 1401 (25)). Furthermore, special education must be delivered by qualified personnel (34 CFR 300.23; 34 CFR 300.136). How many children are labeled IDEA-eligible and yet receive nothing a reasonable person could describe as special education provided by a qualified professional? Once again, to be IDEA-eligible, one must need special education. And one who needs it, must receive it.

        How many people who are bilingual and testing specialists understand the need for testing multiple intelligence, sin hablar, if they happen to be Hispanic and NOMs? How many of such experts are available in US Public Schools????

        Then there is the perpetually controversial area of identifying learning disabilities, this is also error filled (Without adding the issues of Discrimination based on National Origin Minority, Bilingual and Underachieving and disabled by the Navy in Vieques). To be identified as learning disabled, IDEA requires (1) a severe discrepancy between (the) student?s ability and his (take a hypothetical student) who?s actual achievement in reading, math, written and oral expression, or listening comprehension (as recognized by professional judgment and not relying on a quantitative formula as any more than a mere guideline); (2) that the discrepancy be believed by the team to be due to a learning disability, i.e. not primarily due to mental retardation, emotional disturbance, sensory or motor impairment, or environmental, cultural or economic disadvantage (34 CFR 300.541), OR
        to lack of instruction in math or reading (34 CFR 300.7(a)(1)).

        In many, and probably most, school districts the only criterion actually examined is an improper one, i.e., whether the difference between two test scores meets one or another discrepancy formula requirement. Often, no attention whatever is paid to professional judgment or to the other legally mandated criteria, (as in the case of Jessie Rivas, A bilingual student with learning disabilities). In Vieques we must use the discrepancy formula established by the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

        A third area of concern involves the identification of students who have a serious emotional disturbance and by reason thereof need special education (having to attend a school that is extremely polarized by race, color, ethnicity and by learning disabilities). The student?s condition must adversely affect the student?s educational performance (34CFR 300.7©(4)) and the student must need special education. Too often, the team focuses just on the adverse effects and leaves out the crucial answer to how much adversity is required, i.e., enough that it results in a need for special education (See School Climate and the Issues of Security for National Origin Minority Hispanic, Bilingual/Special Education Students in a School such as any US public elementary, middle or high school).

        Another problem related to identification of students with emotional disturbance is the smoke and mirrors issues of Social maladjustment. (At any Middle or High School in the USA, many students are victims of suspensions and expulsions because of the stereotype that all black and Hispanic youths belong to gangs i.e. son pandilleros).

        Some teams have been grossly (and often deliberately) misled by those who erroneously claim that if a student is diagnosed as having a conduct disorder or oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), or any similar disorder under DSM IV, that student is to be excluded from the IDEA category of emotional disturbance. (In Vieques many of these children with emotional problems become paranoid and mentally disturbed because of the constant concern with the bombing in Vieques and the worry that the houses of their parents with their parents in them will be burned or torn down). The simple facts are that (1) IDEA defines emotional disturbance in its own unique way and (2) if a student fits that definition it does not matter at all whether he or she is socially maladjusted, ODD or whatever else( the category or label of IDEA). The only eligibility question is whether the adverse effects of the emotional disturbance results in a need for special education. (This is not the case for Jessie, since he is not considered to be suffering from ODD, he is a field dependent student who follows rules and regulations as much as he is able to comprehend).

        One additional reminder is appropriate. All truly IDEA-eligible students are also protected by Section 504 because they are regarded as having a disability which substantially limits their ability to benefit from school, i.e. they have an impairment which necessitates the provision of special education. ?.

        (Every IDEA student is also entitled to nondiscrimination based on disability and to an appropriate education as defined in Section 504).

        Note from CLARA: To this one must add that (let us take a hypothetical case study of Mrs. Irma Rivera in an average US High School who has a son Jesus). This mother, who has repeatedly asked for Special Education Placement for Jesus, her son, based on the fact that he has difficulty mastering the basic skills in reading, writing, spelling and math, and has reported this to the school for many years has been denied Special Ed, but they keep him in the same grade year after year, he refuses to drop out. He has had problems and it is extremely difficult for him to progress in many of these basic skills without special "one on one" (individual instruction) help.

        He is a student with an LD cluster of difficulties in one or more of these four categories:

        1. Speaking and listening.
        2. Reading, writing and spelling.
        3. Reasoning Skills.
        4. Arithmetic concepts and computation.

        Mrs. Rivera has complaint of the following additional symptoms that should have helped to identify Jessie as an LD student:

        I. Short attention span
        II. Poor memory
        III. Difficulty following directions
        IV. Problems in telling the difference between letters, numbers and sounds

        (this is very important in High School, where numbers are substituted with letters as in pre-algebra and algebra classes).

        In math there is the difficulty in sequencing, also in literature (English).
        V. Disorganization
        VI. Can perform differently from day-to-day at home and at school.
        VII. Impulsive, will leave the classroom if he is not understanding the instructions.
        VIII. Immature speech development at home (Code-Switching) uses a combination of Spanish, English and a mixture of both.
        IX. Difficulty in telling time and keeping up with schedules.

        The mother feels these are directly related to his problem with basic academic tasks, and since the Office for Civil Rights insist that the parent be the one to put the label on her child, the mother has opted for dyslexia.

        Dyslexia (a term used to describe specific language difficulties) and other types of LDs can affect a child?s ability to read, write, spell and do math.

        Because of this problem his mother feels that he has one or more of the following problems with academic tasks:

        1. Great difficulty in learning and remembering a printed word or symbol.
        2. Improper letter sequencing in Spanish and English.
        3. Unusual spelling errors.
        4. Poor composition of written work.

        The mother is asking for a new independent evaluation at cost to the City's Public Schools which should include but not be limited to the following:

        A Complete physical examination to rule out any health problems such as high levels of lead or other toxic substances found in the school.

        An educational assessment of Jesus to determine the cause of his learning problems by a licensed psycho-metrician who is bilingual and bicultural and familiar with bilingual, code switching national origin minority students in this region. We have suggested Dr. Leonard Baca from University of Colorado at Boulder on several occasions. (To no avail since the parents have been constantly ignored at U.S.High Schools).

        We also need Psychologists to help Jesus adjust to the psychological stress that this school has laid upon him. They can help Jesus to cope with behavioral and emotional problems that may go along with the LD status caused by the lack of services and the climate of racism in the U.S. High School.

        Support Groups: Both the parents and ?Jesus? need support groups to provide them with the latest information on LDs and teach the parents strategies to help their child succeed.

        Exercise: Jesus will not go to a regular school P.E. Class. But we understand that he can learn to deal with problems of balance and coordination. We understand he can benefit from regular exercise and the pride of mastering a physical sill. Since it is difficult form him to try sports at school we would like the school to help in locating after school activities such as dancing, martial arts, ice skating clubs, tennis, golf, etc.
        We feel the school should pay for these classes. The regular school schedule should be devoted to required classes for graduation.

        Now is the time to join a support group for the children of Vieques, there are lots of people interested in developing education along with economic development of the barrios of Vieques, teachers, administrators, cafeteria workers, bus drives, counselors, etc. Find out how you can get involved. Make education the basis for economic development in Vieques. The best bilingual programs in the world should be in Vieques!

        There is only one option for those who believe all life is a struggle, to struggle and spend your life organizing communities in this racist, xenophobic society to believe that a better life is possible for their children!
        Viento en popa! Paz Para Vieques


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