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Dear cancerous Alcapurria:

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  • Dear cancerous Alcapurria:

    If I don't waste my time in your Economy lessons you must realize that I can't stand arm-chair philosophizing that violates the foundation for all REAL Science:
    • MATTER-ENERGY cannot be created or destroyed.
    Marxism violates this fundamental TRUTH via endless conjectures from Marxist MAGICAL-THINKERS that always assume that at the wave of the magic wand from the Proletariat Dictator somehow a viable economy can be legislated into existence...

    Just as MATTER-ENERGY cannot come from NOTHING
    (except by the action of a CREATOR who is not bound by TIME-SPACE...), all the FACTORS that produce a thriving and viable Economic System cannot come by fiat from Marxist leaders.

    Keep this empirical observation close to your heart because it never fails:
    • There has not been even a SINGLE success story for a Marxist State .
      • Marxist States either have to allow FREE-MARKETS, like China, to exist, or they destroy the very sources of wealth for the Nation they take over.
      • That is why Marxist States always IMPOVERISH the very Nations they aim to help.

    Enough said on Economy.

    Now, I notice that for every single line I post
    (and I always try to be brief) you always write endless dribbles of bitter diatribes. I guess that you realize that your ideas have nothing to stand on, except empty hot air. This is why I feel compassion for you. You must be caught in a time-warp from the 1960's when all the silly ideas you still cling on seemed to be true. Remember POL-POT... People like you, including my own Dad, blindly supported that monstrous goon, and that is why when I ask him it seems that there is a void in his memory for those sinisters words supporting that evil regime he told me in 1975 when I was just 12 going on 13.

    It makes matters worse to a person like you, who faces the reality of his/her own finality via cancer. ETERNITY is a very scary place for a person whose very ideals and life were only tied to TIME-SPACE.

    I don't want to torture you with this issue, but I do want you to have a MUCH less bitter existence in the short time you have and I do want you to have HOPE for ETERNITY.

    REALITY is making you respond by howling and cursing at it. That only produces more bitterness and existential emptiness.

    Why don't you just FOCUS on GOOD THINGS?
    • A nice and sunny day, a quiet moment of happiness with your friends and family, a warm cup of ginger tea; those are the very small things that make life bearable, particularly an ending life.
    I remind you that even though your ideals have all failed, the essence for your quest for JUSTICE is rooted in something ETERNAL and REAL, and even though you chose to dress it up in green fatigues and little red books, the fact is that yearning for JUSTICE is a good thing and GOD is its very source.

    And second, why don't you address the REAL ISSUES that made you seek refuge in Marxism for so many years?
    • In my own Mom's case it was the fact that she grew up without a real family, and that her childhood was one of ill treatment and even violation from people in authority
    • (particularly by leaders of the Roman Church). JESUS did not violate my Mom, it was evil men pretending to represent him. GOD still loved my Mom with an INFINITE LOVE even though she had little childhood happiness in her foster family. Your case may be different, but the core NEED is the same.
    Only JESUS, the Infinite One who came into TIME-SPACE to rescue us from our mistakes by submitting to torture and death at the hand of cruel Roman executioners can fill that EXISTENTIAL VOID in your heart which up to now you have filled with empty ideals. Only HIS LOVE can make you whole. Only HIS REALITY can replace with TRUE MEANING the silly caricatures of ideals you have held instead.

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    You are a low life person Jibaro!

    And you have absolutely no right whatsover to judge my mother's life. You don't know her. Your ideals are the ideals of a self-hating fake Christian fool. And you will receive your karma. For those who condemn others without knowing their complete histories are the handymen of the wrong doers. And I have no doubts your fruits are rotten to the core.

    As to her life ending, you low life, you are not God, and do not know when or where that will happen. And for all you know your life will be cut short before hers and you will have to face the karmic fallout of your insensitivity and total disregard for the suffering of others. You were extremely insensitive to Leticia g's problems with her family and her husband's needs as well, all you cared about is if she was patrolling your inane threads and kept your cowardly fear of some 'gang member' off the boards. You are one insensitive, callous fool who has the nerve to put a thread up stating 'cancerous alcapurria'. The true cancer is you on this forum....with your low life, self absorbed, insecure, self-hating, judgemental and lying tactics.

    You are one sick weirdo, and should seek counseling immediately.



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      I am more than shock at your taste in humor. How can you make light of a person's situation and/or illness? How can you include it in here and then judge an individual?

      I find this posting distasteful and therefore will have it closed.