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    ISRAEL had excelled in every kind of terrorism... from Ethnic Cleansings in the 40s and 50s... the Mafia and organized crimes (Haganah, and Stern gangsters).. to genocide of big magnitude (Sebra and Chatilla, Qana, Jenin, ...etc) Rape, slaughter, extracting fetuses from the pregant mother and chopping it.. Killing Reporters.. using Missles against civilian buildings and cars.. using Apache, using every kind of killing machine... defying UN resolutions..

    THeir latest terrorist act was CAR BOMB (the favoured style by Al-Qaida) in Lebanon!


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    you're an idiot.


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      It is funny how a small country like Israel has beat all of its enemy in hours!

      How can such a small country perform these abuses you state, I think Israel has a total of three to four million in population, yet when you count its enemy is like 100 to you have no shame for such feable reality?


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        Simply Stated

        Why is it that when there are not bus bombings or border clashes into Irael....there are no attacks on the Palestinian side. Personally, I don't want any men, women, and children dying on either side. But I do Know that Israil will strike back when attached. I suuport Israil's vigilance.


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          Rivera, Why do palestinian Attack?

          1. To revenge from Israelis
          a .for killing their children
          b. for destroying their homes
          c. for expelling them
          d. taking their lands and building settlements on it
          e. invading and occupying them
          f. destroying their agriculture
          .... etc..

          so they
          1. get frustrated
          2. feel nothing to lose
          3. get emotionally distrissed
          4. get angered

          the result is an operation against israel..

          israel should understand that!!

          Concie, (the defender of israel)
          the reasons why israel got with it are
          1. US unlimited support
          2. Rotten Arab governments
          3. Treacherous Arab kings
          4. Poor equipment in Arab Armies vs. up-to-date, US guaranteed unlimited weapon supply


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            Voice Saludos

            Voice Arabs Leaders;

            Demonstrate true leadership treatment changes!

            Arabs have vast resources, all they have to do is exploit them!
            The jeolous attitudes against jews is the down fall of the Arabs!
            beside Israel is such a small piece of land....when you all have the whole Middle east...why can you succeed?


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              A perversion of historical facts

              The condemnations of the UN and the EU against Israel (and the USA) are nothing but a manifestation of their perverse kneejerk anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. In their view, crimes (abundantly committed by other nations) are only crimes when committed by Israel.

              The Israelis have performed a miracle in the deserted lands they now inhabit. They have transformed them into very productive lands, they have made Israel a leader in technology, and a place where Arab citizens have more rights and better standards of living than in any Arab country. Suddenly after this miracle, the Palestinians have a yearning for their "homeland."

              To anyone interested in reading, I recommend "The Case for Israel" by Alan Dershowitz (in you can see it here

              David Santos

              Habe nun, ach! Philosophie,
              Juristerei und Medizin
              Und leider auch Theologie
              Durchaus studiert mit heissem Bemuhn.
              Da steh ich nun, ich armer Tor!
              Und bin so klug als wie zuvor.

              Ich bin ein Teil von jener Kraft die stets das Böse will, und stets das Gutte schaft.


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                Why changing the subject?


                those who defend terrorists are terrorists too!


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                  As I said before!

                  Israel is full of errors....but they must defend the land the won in wars...! Currently Palestinians have a piece of fertile land, but they rather make bombs and let Arafat become a billionaire...Voice you must admite Palestianian have a terrible record to lead themself....Going back 6, 000 yrs ago...these people have not change...How can we say they change now....This people were not of Islamic Faith then...they were pagans!...Just because they have embrace not make them any better!

                  Think about it!


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                    Why rationalizing for terrorists?

                    these Errors have a name "TERRORSIM", "GENOCIDES", "TRANSFER" , "WAR CRIMES"

                    it is not only a palestinian issue.. it is Arabic, and Muslim Issue.. Palestine will BE BACK.

                    if israel won it by war... then it will be won back by war... a war of another style unless israelis stop their war monegring and accept TRUE JUST PEACE.


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                      Not so!



                      Is doomed! they have no place in history but for trouble! The prophesy is accurate...and the Temple will be rebuilt...there is no way around that prophesy!


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                        So, your religion (an unnamed sect of christianity) says it is OK to do terrorism because it is a prophecy?!!

               but what about terrorism against Lebanon.. is that in the prophecy too!!

                        and you call Hezbollah terrorists because they repelled israel from southern lebanon, and won it back!

                        it may interest you that we had a prophecy that israel will be destroyed...



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                          Maybe people become terrorist when they are treated like this:

                          Maybe some need to see pictures from the other side
                          WARNING!!! This link is very graphic, it portraits images of an extreme nature.

                          Pictures from the recent Israeli military action are not available because they do not want us to see this...



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                            Even the death of Jesus was a Prophesy!

                            Voice, let you hate go away....I am not your enemy! The liberation of Israel from Egypt was a prophesy, the destuccion of earlier Jerusalem and Israel was a prophesy...those in those day nor the days of today could not prevent was has been written.

                            These two nations were destined to fight until the end of days....I am not in favor nor against of prophesy...they will simple occur!


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                              Response to Voice

                              Voice, As a Christian I pray to God for Peace throughtou the World. This is what we need.

                              After the defeat of all Arab countries in 67, Israle captured land that folks are now fighting to get back. If it brings peace, I want an attempt to negotiate exchange of land for a lasting peace. However, the land won in war really belongs to Israel.

                              Looking at things clearly, without talking about the past, the Palestinian killing of Jewish folks with bombs strung to their kid's waist is a greater crime against their own families.

                              Palestinians, let's truly attempt to negotiate peace and stop these nonsensical bombings. Let's work out a deal where homes are rebuilt and Industry placed in Palestine by US, Israel, and European "allies" and let make it happen for the Palestinians and the Israellies too! This is what makes the most sense to me.