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    I've always wondered why this Opp called me a liberal, a communist even, while i've specifically stated that i'm a social democrat.
    A social democrat that believes firmly in the welfare state. The strongest shoulders must carry the heaviest weight.
    I kept thinking, what's wrong with this dude? He just can't distinguish between political ideologies...and that's when it dawned to me.
    In the States where he lives there is hardly room to distinguish. Every ideology is packed either within Democrat or Republican.
    Democrats alongside Liberals, what a crock. That système politique has HUGE disadvantages. It leaves the voter with two choices. Often litarly the choice between two evils. To me it just doesn't seem representative for the population.
    We, in Holland and the rest of Europe, DON'T have that disadvantage. We have an elaborate variety of political parties which present us with a broader choice. Which is what voting is all about, CHOICE! The more choice the better (often).
    We can form COALITION gvmts, by majority, that represent a wider section of the population.
    The Dutch political system is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system.
    As a democrat here i don't have to concequently vote for liberals too, and God forbid me. I would never vote for a liberal party.
    So you see Opp, where i live things are different. Liberarls are on the right. Not the far right, but the right none the less. I'm on the left side of the center.

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    Don't bother to try to reason with Opp_Opp. He is an intransigent person with the freakiest right wing extremist thinking I have see on this site. He thinks Hitler and Communism is synanomous. He sees leftists as short he is all screwed up. Lol. He is insulting and closed minded. Do you know how I cope with his stuff? Lol. I say, "Tim McVeigh, Hitler, Nichols, Son of Sam, Gacey, Bundy, Bush, Reagan, Himler, Mengele....OPP-OPP" hang em high, they are all the same. When he starts to argue with you....just say, "Okay Opp McVeigh what else have you got to say for yourself." Davy don't reason with him. It is talking to a brick wall. He thinks all people socialists, social democrats, scientific socialist, liberals, Europeans, gays, pro-Independence Puerto Ricans, Cubans who live in Cuba, Chirrac, etc. ALL ARE THE SAME IN HIS BRAIN. He doesn't, I say. Opp-Opp and McVeigh are the same. No difference. Both are right wingers, both love Desert Storm and gulf war crap, both are extreme individualists and hate any public control of anything, both hate paying taxes, and both feel it is ok for others of other ideologies that differ from them to die horrible deaths. That is enough to lump Opp-Opp in with a ruthless killer terrorist. He thinks the same black and white intransigent way. When he tries to distinguish.....and can't and goes back to lumping it all together....just say, "Whatever Opp McVeigh." his brain can't cope with anything beyond that. He can't it is too much for him.

    If he still continues on...just say, "Jim Jones, David Koresh, Opp-Opp, Ivan the Terrible, Idi Amin, Straussner of Paraguay, Santa Ana of Mexico, Hitler again, KKK, WAR (white aryan resistance) in the USA, Opp-Opp...again...THEY ARE ALL THE SAME." Okay Opp Opp David Koresh speak...tell us your next theory....Okay, Opp JIm Jones kool aid in the jungle man...speak. He needs to realize his thinking is so off the wall, that any person who reads it who went to college and actually studied political science, sociology and philosophy and history in depth will find his theories totally invalid. But he won't. He will now call me some names and say he is right or some such bs and leave to post some more nutty stuff. Lol.

    Greetings to you in the Netherlands...Davy.


    [Edited by Suki on 30th July 2004 at 23:05]


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      Hey Suki

      It's been a while, i hope you're doing good!

      Yes it is very hard to engage on a dialoge with this person. He is very confused, the comparisons he makes mirrors his intellect. His brain is just wired the wrong way, it keeps suffering short circuits. And when that happens...we all know.


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        Hey Archie Bunker, yeah that's you Opp...i'm still waiting on a response!
        Or what's wrong, grumpy again, is your belly ache getting the better of you again!