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  • well hello....

    Hi facists. I'm back. No worries the old immature me is pretty much gone. I make no promises of being nice, but I will try my best. Later Jack azzes.

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    Jaga, I beg your pardon, there are no donkeys in my family tree. I am not aware of you, but how could you not find my friends in this forum intelligent and extremely interesting. These are real ladies and gentlemen.

    For the past few weeks I was in beautiful Puerto Rico. I spent three days with my family at Condado area. It was fantastic. The rest of the time I was based in Ponce and travel throughout the South and Southwest. I was deeply impressed with the openness of the southwest. People drove wisely ( there were many police everywhere). I found it such a precious paradise. My family love it! I think I could live there without a problem. We were treared great!

    Well, Jaga have a great day! Peace is more profitable than strife. God Bless You!


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      well,hi im puertorican de el area surrrrrrrrr i live in north carolina and i love puerto rico and i miss my island so much i only live here for 3 months and for me its like 5 years and i want to go backkkkkkkkkk.
      maria rodriguez


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        What is you're creepy issue man? Are you in denial? I don't care about you're life man. You need help. Talk to a shrink, doctor, dog. There not might be donkey's in you're family tree, but their is a rabid monkey hanging in the branches.


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          Jaga: Page 2

          My fellow American Jaga. You called us jack-azzes" but did you mean "jackazzes"! What do you call someone who stops to help you change a flate tire. Or takes you home when your car breaks down. Well my dear brother, I am not a monkey either. I remember being up in the mango tree but unable to swing from branch to branch. I tied a rope and pretented to be Tarzan!AhhhUghAhhUggAhh! I did see some real Monkeys in Puerto Rico around Route 303 not far from Ensenada. When they saw us they fled, so I know we are not related. Imagine that!

          You sound so negative, but I'm sure yu are really a nice guy. You probably make a good of those that puts their audience down and makes fun of people and such!

          Lastly, what legal, ethical, and moral thing could I do to make you happy? Where is your family? I know they love you!


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            I like big buns..

            Why? you went to a def jam comedy night, and the comic chewed you're ass out? Family? hehe.. Yes there is one thing moral you can do me my little old Riverita..Don't reply to this post. If you do you are wrong.


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              Well well well aaaaaahhh

              If it isn't Jaga Jigga Supa Nigga, from what rock did you crawl under from? What's the matter puppet, Uncle Sam has cut your strings rendered??
              "And the old me is gone"...bla bla bla...looking at his new posts i'd say he's right, because the new him is even more rotten!!!!

              [Edited by Davy on 17th August 2004 at 07:26]


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                Response Jaga

                Look I think you're pretty funny. I'm trying to become a friend of yours like I've become friends with others that disagree with me on this forum. I don't depend on comedy for income. But,I am an excellent entertainer! I really think you could make money doing what you do.

                As far as your threat, if you do have power there, please don't get throuwn out of this forum. God Bless You! Really!


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                  Do us a favor and go back to that dark cave from which you sprung.