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Governor McGreevy Resigns August 12

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    Mc Greevy's homosexuality and infidelity are the LEAST of his problems. Homosexuality and infidelity are almost a "Badge of Honor" among Democrats today. If anything, his admitting to his homosexuality and apologizing to his wife for his unfaithfulness would be a great way to pad his resume among liberal democratic voters. There is NO WAY he resigned over this.He is one of the most corrupt politicians in the country. His "coming out" party is just him trying to cover his @ss (no pun intended) for the soon to come TRUTH about all of his shady dealings, including phony land deals, hiring prostitutes to obstruct investigations of him and his criminal acquaintances and last but not least the hiring of his boy-toy to run homeland security in NJ.

    That poorly rehearsed speech he gave was just setting the stage for his own attack on the people investigating him as bigots and "homophobes".
    Get ready for the "They're only coming after me because I'm gay" bulls#it.

    And as far as Fulanodetal assertion that it is a "sad day" for New Jersey, I'd say it was a sad day when he was elected governor. Of course I guess being nice to Puerto Ricans automatically absolves him of any wrongdoing he may have done to anyone else, right?

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    The "Coming Out of Closet" is just a smoke screen...

    The issue was that McGreevy gave his lover a top post as the HOMELAND SECURITY TSAR of New Jersey, an extremely sensitive position to which the boyfriend was totally unqualified, and he also went out of his way to grant political favors through illegal donations; that is the REAL STORY.
    • Mr. Golan Cipel is filing a sexual harrassment lawsuit today against the Governor. This lawsuit will no doubt delve into some particularly ugly aspects of what happens when a sexually permissive Governor brings on a staff member who in the opinion of voters, and legislators is not qualified to serve in his post.

      Mr. Cipel did not have the level of clearance necessary to even allow him to attend Homeland Security briefings for the Federal Government yet McGreevey had hired him better than two years ago as the New Jersey Homeland Security director.

      It gets more interesting...Mr. Cipel, when he had resigned his post as New Jersey Homeland Security Director went to work for Charles Kushner who was formerly the chief fund raiser for McGreevey. Kushner was indicted 3 weeks ago on corruption charges in a case involving a New Jersey farm deal in which it is reported that McGreevey would speak in code with the owner of the farm to indicate his decision on which way he was leaning. The indictment stated that the Governor would use terms from Machiavelli. On three seperate occassions the feds wired up the farms owner and captured audio of McGreevey doing just that.

      What is unclear is...

      Did Mr. Kushner - who already had a history of sending prostitutes to people as a way of entrapment and blackmail - decide to turn the sex wedge against McGreevey in exchange for the Governor refusing to pardon him in the federal investigation? Certainly with Cipel working with Kushner the idea and goods would have been known and discussed in terms of ways that kind of plot could be pulled off...

      Kushner is also a heavy fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and has even raised funds for John Kerry.

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    Response to Fulnodetal

    I encourage this governer to do the following:

    1. Go to Confession
    2. Return to His Wife & Children.
    3. Give up the Homosexual Lifestyle he chose.
    4. Now that his demon is out,
    stomp, his head, and return
    to achieving goals with his
    family at his side. God Bless

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    started a topic Governor McGreevy Resigns August 12

    Governor McGreevy Resigns August 12

    Today at about 430pm New Jersey Governor James McGreevy resigned effective November 30, 2004 druing a nationally broadcast press conference. He publicly stated that he was gay and that his office was threatened by a pending scandel involving his former consultant for homeland security.

    McGreevy who is considered an ally to the Puerto Rican community in New Jersey; [and who recently select the first Puerto Rican to serve on the New Jersey Supreme court] detailed how he had certain "feelings" all of his life about his sexual orientation.

    McGreevy has also been implicated in a number of other scandel under investigatio by the FBI. However, no charges have been filed and no allegations have been publicly made.

    McGreevy made the announcement with Dina Matos, his portugese- american wife, standing by his side. Those of us who have seen the press know that this is a great day of sadness for the state and for the man who is the governor. We wish him well.