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  • I'm getting married

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share in my excitement..I'll be married on August 28th!!!!!! Just 2 short weeks and one day away!

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    Congratulations. I hope you have a wonderful wedding. I would like to wish you and your husband a long and blissfull marriage. Have fun.


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      thats great! congrats!!


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          Congratulations Italia Lena

          May all God's Blessings be With You And Yours as you prepare for your Wedding! Everything will go well don't Worry about anything!


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            Wish you the best

            I'm happy to hear your good news,if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?the reason I asked is because I'm 19 and I've been with my 26 yr old boyfriend over a year and we've been talking about marriage.So I guess I'm trying to get a little advice and some tips.None of my friend know what I would love to talk If you get a chance you could e-mail me at maybe you could give me some wedding advice.Hope to hear from you and again I hope you two the best.
            Alice Estrada


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              Muchas felicidades en tus bodas.

              Tu amigo,

              JosÚ NÚstor


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                Well, thats good to hear. I hope that you both live together until death do you part.


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                  hi its me....congrats gurrl...wish i was there


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                    where did you get that pic.

                    Originally posted by _Sonita_
                    thats great! congrats!!


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                      To Jenny from Ohio

                      Originally posted by Italia_Lena
                      Hey everyone, just wanted to share in my excitement..I'll be married on August 28th!!!!!! Just 2 short weeks and one day away!

                      I hope your wedding day is beautiful and wonderful and that your marriage grows strong over the years and you have children with parents with a strong marriage that gives them security and love for their entire lives.

                      You know out of all the accomplishments I have had...graduations, travel, learning new languages, so many things....out of all the personal goals I am most proud my marriage. I am most proud of it. I give most of the credit to my husband though Italia...he is an extraordinary man. He tolerates me! Lol.

                      Men are easier to please in general...than women. That is my subjective opinion. I think you should tell your husband at least once a week, what he truly means to you on a human level. Let them know, you know they are flawed and make mistakes, and that they are not perfect...but that you know they are intelligent, good, and emphasize the things they do right. I tell my husband all the things he does well FIRST, before trying to mention any areas for improvement. Lol. It is smart to do that. People and especially men get very defensive if they feel you are attacking them in some way. They shut down and don't listen to you anymore, especially if they feel you are tearing them down. Men are SO sensitive to criticism by women. More than by other men. How they love our attentions and our accolades and compliments. It means the world to a husband to know his wife admires him and finds him intelligent, skilled, important, loving, considerate, respectful, dignified, and strong. Oh, how they love to hear their wives tell them how strong they are and how much we need to rely on them for things. They love the responsibility and the ability to take care of their wives. Never tear them down. Never criticize their dreams and goals. Never injure their pride and sense of manhood. They are sensitive creatures deep down inside....

                      How I love the look in my husband's eyes when I tell him how proud I am of him and to be married to him for over twenty years and how I don't regret a day of being his wife and count myself fortunate...that glow lasts such a long time...and it translates to such BIG benefits in many ways...

                      Oh, Italia I wish you all the joy of a good marriage. Always!



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                        How men and women think differently....from each other

                        You know my husband and I went out to a movie and he got hungry afterwards and decided to go to the grocery store to buy a snack it was late at night around 12midnight last Friday, August 13th, he turned the corner and was driving the car, when there was some guy, lying down in the gutter half his body invading the lane we were was dark. We could have easily run him over. My husband jumped out of the car after putting the hazard lights on to prevent other vehicles from running him over. I saw the guy on the floor there in the street and the way he was moving, made me wasn't as if he was injured like my husband thought, all I could think of to tell him was to be careful...and he told me to stay in the veh to check it out. The guy was a teenager on some kind of really bad halluceginic Angel Dust or PCP, and was out of his head (maybe on Cocaine or mixed with other stuff), he was violent and got up off the street and screamed and ran away initially from my husband who was calling the police on his cell phone. The teen was big, and he started cursing at the top of this lungs and rushing at the car where I was...the teen stopped. He was running around in circles like a person totally insane and then picked something off the floor, I thought "He is gonna shoot my husband. He is gonna stab my husband." I wanted to change seats and get behind the steering wheel and I would have run him over if he had a gun or a knife in his hand...but he didn't have anything but a small stick in his hand. And he rushed towards my husband. And suddenly stopped...I couldn't hear what was said. My husband got back in the car and we took off.

                        I asked him, "what did you say to him? And you should have gotten back in the veh once you knew he was on drugs and out of the street, and out of harm's way. That kid is off the wall on drugs. He could have hurt both of us." My husband said, "No, he wouldn't have hurt you." and I said, "How do you know? He was coming towards the car." And he responds, "I told him if he got near you or near me I was going to kill him. And I meant it. He knew it. I would have punched him out and wrestled him to the ground." I MEAN they look for this stuff? I say, why waste time call from afar and get in the car. Do they look for confrontation? Is it testosterone? Lol. For a woman the smart thing is to get away from the source of potential danger sometimes unless cornered. For men, they might relish all that "me le cuadro y le tumbo la cabeza?" What is it with men?

                        But somehow marriage is good. The opposites make a good team. Lol.



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                          The day is here so fast. I can't believe it. I wish you and Elliot the very best always. Mayb your married life be filled with love and understanding always. Never goto bed angry and always leave the house with a kiss and a I love you. It makes the world of difference...believe me. Everything will turn out beautiful....don't forget to send me the pictures when you have them.

                          I am sending you a email about my experience in the Huracan. It was incredible.

                          Keep in contact you know how to contact me.

                          Love you!


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                            Leticia did you survive the hurricane Charley without being totally scared witless? I know you are a brave one.

                            Please email email was broken down with some weird virus...I think it is fixed by now. I only have your old email address that doesn't work anymore. Please email me. I have so much to talk to you about...and want to know what you are up to in Florida. I am sure Italia does too.

                            Take care Leticia Gutierrez.


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                              Huracan Charlie was horrible but I also experienced a tornado that night. I was alone because it was my choice however I realize now I should have gone to stay with my brother. I am so used to doing things alone that I tried to handle it alone. It ws scary and a experience that I dont't wish on anyone. I did have lost....however I thank God that I am here to write about it.

                              I will write to you today.

                              Much love always!