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    Please tell me if you tried emailing me. I am experimenting to see if my email is ok and working properly. I got two emails from Eddier1 old from April 2004 the same one sent twice. I don't know if he tried to email me, or I should be concerned about some unorthodox things going on in my email. Why would he send me an old email? That is not like him at all. If you can't get through in your email...then I will think something is wrong. I have had technical difficulties lately.

    Why did you stay by yourself mujer? In that storm situation?

    Leticia, I am so happy for Italia...I really am. I feel sad today....I read that lady talking about breastfeeding her baby, and Abril breastfeeding her sons....that is something I might not ever have a chance to do in my life. It saddened me. But, it seems there is a lot more to being a mother than that. I just hope someday I can be one. It is so hard to be hard. Lots of love....



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      I have sent you several emails. In fact today I sent you one as I promised to. Before that I sent one on June 18 and before that in May 22. Those are the ones I have copies still.

      Concerning is a beautiful and rewarding experience however it isnt the only beautiful part of being a parent. I enjoyed every stage my daughters went through and I still love to watch them as grown ups. Don't give up are young and before you know it a baby will come along or a young child. When you have all that love as you and your husband have to never is late. I will call you if my phone works tomorrow. I still am experiencing phone problems.

      Why I stayed home alone? Well maybe to prove something to myself.....who knows? At this moment, I can clearly say it was electricity and the roaring sounds similar to a train passing over you, was all I heard. Needless to say, I didn't sleep that night and was outside at 5:30 in the morning investigating the neighborhood to see the damage. I must sure is a good way of meeting your neighbors.

      Un fuerte pierdas la esperanza!

      Te quiere


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        Suki and Lety

        Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance, and your good wishes! I appreciate it very much!

        Suki what a scary experience with that guy in the street!

        Lety, I look foward to the email! I have to go check my AOL now!