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reclaiming family property

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  • reclaiming family property

    Can anyone tell me if they know how one goes about reclaiming family property in San Juan!

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    Your going to need the property information; address, owners, lot designation. You will have to contact the local Registro De Propiedades [Property Register] to get this information. You could go to and try to find the address or phone number for it.

    You will then have to get a lawyer to file a claim on the property; if the property rights are acquired through a death, the case may wind up in Puerto Rico probate court. If there are multiple parties that can claim the process could be protracted. If the property is obtained via a divorce, the laws of divorce will dictate the appropriate dispostion of the property. Either way it is probably a good idea to hire competent counsel. If you do not know how to find a lawyer in Puerto Rico; go to and choose Puerto Rico for links to lawyers.


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      Thank you soooo much thanks I was starting to feel crazy about this I hope this goes okay!!!