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  • Citizenship ? =cruel

    One of the crueler conditions of Puerto Rican citizenship is that when they leave their homeland and move to New York or Orlando or any city in the United States, becoming exiles in someone else's Northern state, then and only then they can vote on the federal level. Then they have rights, but not as Puerto Ricans in their own land. Morally, if not legally, that is not real citizenship. It is a colonial parody.


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    Please read my post on the hunger strike in the US Virgin Islands.


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      Thank you for the interesting post
      Edward Browne has a better chance of having dinner at the White House then he has to vote in the U.S. Elections.
      The last chance that Puerto Rico had to determine itís own future was an election where the bill was written by a man named Don Young from Alaska who probably has never been to Puerto Rico.
      Young is a conservative Republican whose bill said that :
      1) Puerto Rico must change itís language to English to become a state.
      2) Whatever Puerto Rico voted wasnít binding on the U.S. Congress.
      No wonder ďnone of the above ď won the vote of the people here.
      I would much rather be INDEPENDENT than chose the president of the U.S.


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        Puerto Rico Commonwealth/Statehood

        As a Conservative Republican and as a 100%, born in Puerto Rico, citizen, I want Spanish to always be the language of Puerto. Sometimes, persons in the USA get upset when we speak Spanish in front of them. I tell them that, although I don't know them, I want to talk about them without them knowing it! I do this form fun only and not to hurt!
        Another thing I invented is when non PR's say, "No Way Jose" they should say "No Way Joseph"! I endourage them to learn Spanish to expand their opportunities to do business with all the surrounding Spanish speaking countries surrounding the US. It would be a benefit for the USA to have a Spanish speaking state so near to South America and all the rising business potential there.