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Strictly Old School 80's style

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  • Strictly Old School 80's style

    How many of ya'll have heard of Mc Ceja, or Lito MC, or Master Joe, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Ranking Stone, Don Omar, Ivy Queen. Mean Machine!

    These were the leaders of the Puerto Rican hip hop movement!

    New Yorker holla back at me!

    Somebody needs to school Halle on the what's what.

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    None! Its not surprising, I think Hispanics in big cities are the ones who have assimilated more to this type of cultural sound. But if you enjoy it go for it!


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      Leela: hip hop from the 80's

      Leela: I stated before that I loved NY hip hop culture in the 80's. And thanks for those names, I still love old school 80s rap and im definetly going to look up there music! The rappers of the 80s were bringing in a new culture of music. Thier music was full of soul and meaning. Fat Joe has some nice beats, but fat Joes lyrics are awful! these rappers don't compare to the rappers of the 80s who pioneered the culture! Todays rappers are saying nothing but " my hoes, my money, my bmw, F*&# this and s*#t that". Its crazy!!


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        I like Ivy Queen. Reggaeton is cool. They have some real intense parties here.


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          what about?

          Your forgot about the group called The Noise from Puerto Rico.