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Did you get screwed by Bush's New OT Law?

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  • Did you get screwed by Bush's New OT Law?

    Do you know whether the new overtime rules will affect your paycheck?

    Yes 45% 24406 votes

    No 55% 29652 votes
    Total: 54058 votes

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    Above is the current CNN poll on the effect of the new overtime law. The White House claims it is only going to affect about 100,000 people. Bologne!!!

    I personally do not know anyone who this new law benefits. On the other hand I know many people who will lose a significant portion of their income because of it.

    I personally stand to lose $12,000/yr. in overtime! And like all other covert Bush maneuvers, my management was only able to make us aware of this just last week.

    Thanks a lot President W.; and Jackass, my kids thank you too.


    PS My apologies to all the real four legged jackasses in the World, who like me now, have to work all hours above 40 hours a week for only apples and hey.

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    It is a form of theft

    Heard that if to many employers adopt the rules that there will be lots of law suits.

    Perhaps some companies will grandfather it in with new workers.

    Then us workers on the other system will be targeted to be gotten rid.

    Not like we are not already getting paid more due to peek performance being slowly introduced in a grandfathered way where I am at.

    I value my time off and there is a good chance if they take away my time off that might be the last straw that sends me looking for new employment.

    Anyway, I hope I don't get affected and I was hoping the new rules would not go into effect.

    It is theft pure and simple. Wal Mart is bad for America and the rest of the world. Lower prices lower pay. Kroger is giving worse contracts in order to compete with Wall Mart.

    One good thing about the rules is anyone making less then 20K is supposed to get overtime. Can't imagine making less then 20K. Did that 5 years ago when I was grossly under employed. My tax bite was far worse when I was making 18K then now. Really anyone making less then 20K should not have to pay taxes.

    Anyway, back to the rant on the bad over time rules. I want to have a life outside of work. This will definatly be bad for culture. This will be bad for those of us who care about our families and want to spend time with them. And for those of us forced to work over at least under the old rules we got compensanted for it. It is just theft plain and simple.

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      I think It Helps Lower Paid Folks and Unions

      As most of you know persons under a bargaining agreement will continue to get overtime. Folks with low paying jobs should too. For professionals like me any extra hours we work it is for free! Therefore, I think President Bush is trying to help the lower paid which long term will have a positive affect on the economy. Remember, Democrats take your money and start government programs that key those that are down..down there. The Respublican agenda is for you to have opportunities to hopefully make it on your own in a business, or train for the new jobs that are being created daily (and which sometimes can't be filled because folks don't want to retrain! Please stay in school until you learn something you can sell to yourself or to another employer throughout the World.


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        I am sorry, but do you live in this country?

        Where the heck am I going to find $12,000 to make up my lost income?

        I suppose I can go and retrain myself (I am already an Ivy League trained engineer with a Professional Engineering License in more than one state, by the way!)? I supposed I can go on a different line of work, or perhaps a better paying job, elsewhere? But, I happen to also already own two small businesses.

        You see, I have done all you have been brainwashed to tell people to do!!!

        This is not the point.

        There original purpose for this law was to protect worker rights and Bush has bastardized it. It now only serves to protect and enhance the bottom line of big business. This law is supposed to be an employee protection law, not a law to make rich people richer.

        Employers of people who make less than $20k/yr do not want to pay them overtime, they just hire other <$20k/yr people to fill in the need. You see, in our economy, there is a surplus of <$20k/yr people. These undertrained people become disposable to big business. They are hired and laid off by big business as a matter of convenience without loyalty.

        There is a reason business pay professionals overtime. They are much harder to replace and they are worth it!

        I agree with TheZTeam. With this new law, Bush has lied and stolen from me, my kids, and millions of other Americans.

        Shame on Bush and shame on all those who have bought into this stupid charade of compasionate conservatism.

        My middle finger is standing proud in its presence.


        If you have any consience, and just a bit of common sense, please vote for Kerry November 2. Thanks, my kids appreciate it.


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          You get a little taste of socialism and realized it tastes like S#iT!!

          Tell me, exactly how much "overtime" do you think you'd be collecting if the US were one of those socialist hellholes you lefties think are so great?

          For a bunch of anti-capitalists, you guys sure do cry alot whenever your money is tampered with.

          Bush-Cheney '04!


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            If you think I am a socialist, you are really out of touch, or cannot read.

            I just said I own two businesses in addition to working a regular job.

            How much more of a capitalist do I need to be for you not to label me?

            I have been an outspoken opponent of socialism and communism on this board for years. I have expressed my pro democratic and capitalists views to no end. Can't you get pass the name calling and false labeling to make a point?

            I am a conservative democrat. I am not a liberal. I am a hard working professional and business man. If you read my post you would realize I did not get a taste of socialism (which came from your candidate, BTW), I got a dosage of compasionate conservatism focused on big business profits.

            If you can twist the facts to find congruence with such a view, I pity your reasoning and your intelligence.

            You are clearly misguided and bamboozled by the right. At this point in time, the Democrats offer us, Hispanics, the best chances for advancement in a global economy without having to worry about this kind of political chananigans/paybacks at our expense.

            You are free to vote for whom you like. I believe in democracy and would not have it any other way. But I will speak the truth and I will speak it loud. You are not the only person reading this page. The others have a right to know what is going on and to know there is something better for them.

            I know, from what I have read in your posts, you care little about other people on this site's welfare and I do not expect you to show much care for mine. The unfortunate thing is that that is precisely the kind of conservative trait I do not approve of or accept.

            So much for compasionationism and you represent it well. As you said, might as well call it socialism and LAUGH OUT LOUD! For once I agree.



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              Owning two business????????

              Last I read, Pimping and Prostitution are not legal businesses in 49 of the States.

              NEVADA they are...


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                Thanks for the comic relief Manny. (Or perhaps the new work suggestion). Maybe you can give me some pointers.

                BTW, nice post on Cuba's water shortage. I should have dropped you a note about it.



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                  Jose Nestor

                  Jose try to deal with whatever really happens! I have never gotten a bit of evertime and I have worked countless hours of "overtime" or free time. My income goes down. Now, my undegreed union member friends get paid for every hour. Once it is given, only a negotiated aggreement takes it away. My lowly paid friends, who make 8 to 9 dollars an hour have to work two jobs to meke it.

                  Jose, keep preparing yourself to achieve your dreams. I worked under President Reagan, and for three years we didn't get a raise. I did some creative things and made more money than my pay raise (target) amounts.

                  Sometimes, when we lose something, other greater doors are opened that may bring greater success. You and others on this forum are so gifted that, I believe, your gifts can help you deal with your loss. I live by these principles, and I have not been brainwashed, I've mostly achieve most of the goals I set. I hang around people who are fair and honest, some with limited education, who are very successful. Don't believe the biddgest lie being told by Kerry and other Democrats about Bush being only for the rich ( who pay 80% of the taxes).

                  Jose, I believe in you and other brilliant people I've met in the word here. Why does a Puerto Rican like me and some of you follow these principles when a larger percentage of others think it is necessary for the government to give you something in order for you to survive. God's Blessings to All of You!


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                    Thanks for the comforting words. I do appreciate them. OT is a big part of the regular income of millions of Americans. It is not a part of the income for others. The latter are not affected by the law. The law amounts to a huge pay cut for the rest.

                    For me, the issue is not so much the money. Whatever money I loose in OT, I can make up with my business ventures. At this point in my life the issue is family. To make up my loss of income I will have to put in more hours into my private ventures faster than I expected. My kids will have less time with me.

                    What really hurts is that Bush said this law was to prevent people from having to work more hours so they could spend more time with their kids. This is not true. In fact, the opposite is happening.

                    The only silver lining to this whole issue is that three co-workers of mine who had decided to vote for Bush have all switch to vote for Kerry on this issue alone. Unlike me, they have no plan yet for recovering their loss.

                    I remain convinced that 98% of the people in the World, and 55%-60% of the people in the US cannot wait for 11/2 to turn this tide of nonsense.

                    As I have said before, the best thing god ever created was one day after another. I'll add, the best our forefathers ever designed was one election after another; a chance to right the wrongs; a chance for fair, peaceful and voluntary transfer of power; a chance for a better tomorrow where our kids would have the same or better opportunities as we had.

                    That concept of a nation has not existed in this country for almost 4 years. It is time our nation returns to its original course; it is time to honor our constitution; it is time to honor our citizenship rights; it is time for the return of economic prosperity; it is time we take care of Americans at home and small businesses like mine, not just big business; it is time for sound and comprehensive foreign policy with long-term goals for peace instead of short-term goals that endanger our children futures at the expense of our young soldiers around the World and makes the whole World hate us in the process;it is time for religion and politics to part ways once again as they did almost 300 years ago in Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

                    It is time to let freedom reign again in America!

                    It is time to honor democracy as it was meant to be, not for some, by some, but for all, by all.

                    This is the truest road for peace and sensible democratic, capitalistic and free government. Bush has demonstrated and proclamed his principles are above the American values I have outlined before. Well, my friends, that is not democracy in my book, that is totalitarianism wrapped up in the cloak of religious self-rightiousness.

                    Simply put, the very thing you conservatives on this board so express to despise.



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                      Jose Nestor: Thanks!

                      Jose, thanks for your excellent response. Think and Think and Think. I know men and women who work seven days a week. Their spourses also work! The spouses that don't work have excellent standards of living! In reading your responses who culd not help think about 9/11 and the Pentagon burning. The fear of the those who flew and now don't. The conglomerate of interrelated business afected by the closing, or lessened work of the other. From a business point of view it hurts.

                      Adjustments have to be made constantly because unlike government agencies, a private business does not get public funding. President Bush and Congres have done a great deal, for example, to keep key business entities afloat.. Workers have to work harder with less colleagues and less pay. Attacks on the rich by a very wealthy John Kerry cannot help anything. His history is raising taxes, which will never excite the economy into health. Reagan economic decisions helped spur the successful economy during the Clinton era.

                      I see Democratic administrations cutting back on Police, Firemen, and other services. Tax levies are not being accepted by the voters. One mayor started the adopt a garbage can program which ended in laughter. I was on a Board (Hispanic Organization) who was making plans to buy a building without having enough funding for a down payment or to pay the mortgage.

                      Jose, it may be necessary for your employer to benefit from this change to stay afloat and at least keep the folks working. People that are rich, and not government, need to get more involved in charitable organization that help people. Many do very covertly. Every state government whether Republican or Democrat is have fiscal problems and are cutting everywhere they can.

                      The economy is emproving slowly and it is really the fault of evernts surrounding 9/11. I think President Bush has done a great job to keep business up by giving money to people to place it back into the marketplace. President bush presents a positive attitude and promotes healthy family values which also help the situation. I don't care what he did, or was back in the day, he was like many of us, I care about what he is today. His support of life for babies, in their mothers' woumb, is also so important to me. Mr. Kerry will allow some of your daughters to keep aborting babies. Mr. Bush I'm sure will support waiting until marriage to avoid abortion. We are not dogs or monkeys are brains can make the right of two decisions.

                      Jose, my friend keep thinking and analyzing, writing ideas, and teach others what you've found. God Bless All!
                      Biggest Democratic lie: "Tax Cuts for the Rich" Fact: the top 20% pay 80% of the taxes and rightfully so. Long to join this group! The freedom to do it is everyones in our system. Remember, not everyone has the same needs. Chick around and you'll see it!


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                        I believe all reported financial and economic figures, speak for themselves.

                        Please don't take my word for it.

                        I have a thread on this board where, whenever I have time (much less of it now) I pin up independent reports on the status of the economy, including employment statistics at all levels of income.

                        I have also discussed and presented arguments on the effects of extreme tax cuts on the socio-economic status of the nation and on small business development.

                        But as you know, this issues, although the most important, are not the issues Bush wants to focus on for this election. This election will be made about fear and terror, and our so call fight to defeat terror. The fact the republican convention will be held in NYC screams of it.

                        We should start a new thread just to discuss this issue alone, its roots, its causes, its consequences and what we can do to really put an end to the madness.



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                          Jose Nestor: Good Idea

                          Good idea Jose, but be sure you watch both CNN and Fox News Coverage and weigh all commendts to get a balanced view of things. Take care my friend and may God continue Blessing You.


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                            My typical daily sources of information besides miscellaneous internet sources do include CNN and Fox News (the latter being in my opinion the most biased coverage of news in America, just short of what Al Arabiya is in Qatar). I like to supplement my daily news intake with at least one foreign news broadcast. The SCOLA channel is a great source. For kicks, I recommend you watch the Cuban news, it is quite amusing, as Castro REALLY has it in for Bush, and shows it on a daily basis. I just watched an interview of Obama's grandmother in Africa on the French news a couple of days ago which was quite interesting. The BBC is also available on cable/satellite and it is also quite independent of the local bull.

                            You suggested I broaden my horizons in terms of news sources and perspective, I do quite alright in that regard. However, I suggest you may want to explore some of the sources above.

                            Keep in mind that information is not a vector (or should not be), it should be a scalar with input from all directions. This is the middle way and the only way for common ground, thus the only true way for progress and peace.


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                              Sorry, in reply to your request to my suggested thread:

                              I am currently wrinting a book and it is taking me a great deal of my time. I will try to open up the thread on Real Causes and Real Solutions to Terror either tomorrow or Monday.